DIY Coloring Supplies Organizer – Back To School Upcycling Project

It’s  a coloring supplies organizer that can be opened like a suitcase and standing like an open book. It would be a wonderful way to organize your coloring supplies and at the same tie you can bring it anywhere. I made the organizer from a cardboard box and some tissue rolls, so it’s a perfect upcycling project to be organized on this back to school occasion.

It’s an easy project and you would have a great time decorating the organizer box with your kids. Choose a theme to begin with and you are good to go with decorating. My theme is seaside. That is why I mixed the sandy color of the kraft paper and blue. Some seaside creatures as decoration elements are also included to make it merrier.


How to make the coloring supplies organizer for your kids?  


Now, these are the steps on how to make the coloring supplies organizer with upcycling cardboard boxes;

  1. Glue all openings on he cardboard box. Leave it dry.
  2. Cut the box into an open book.
  3. Wrap the entire box with kraft paper.
  4. Take 4 tissue rolls and cut 2 tissue rolls, each into two, so you have 4 standard tissue rolls and 4 smaller tissue rolls.
  5. Wrap all the tissue rolls with blue paper.
  6. Take the mini cadbox and also wrap it in blue paper, but leave the round opening.
  7. Glue all 8 tissue rolls and the cardbox to the cardboard box and leave it dry.
  8. Glue some blue ribbon to the tissue rolls and around the opening of the mini cardbox.
  9. Give some white small seashells to each tissue rolls and the opening of the mini cardbox.
  10. Paint the front organizer box with white acrylic paint effortless. Let it dry.
  11. Write the words “My Coloring Box” in a pretty way by using brush pen.
  12. Make a rubber band and use it to secure the organizer box.
  13. Add a bling starfish on the rubber band.
  14. Finished! Now you have all your coloring supplies at one place and you can bring it anywhere you go.


There’s no limit to decorate the coloring supplies organizer, you can have it in simple like mine or choose the more is more style, it’s all up to you and your kids to decide. It’s a cheap upcycling project anyway, so you can do it without too many preparation. This could be a good way of organizing your kid’s desk for back to school time. Happy organizing!


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