Easy DIY Glass Mug From Mason Jar

Summer is coming but some of you may still choose to stay-at-home. So, how to entertain yourself and family to pass your coming summer days? Perhaps, sitting by your porch or patio to get some tan or just sit and relaxing while watching your kids and dogs playing on the background with a glass of refreshing lemonade will make your stay-at-home summer days easier. And to make it more interesting, make your own glass for the lemonades. Try my easy Glass Mug from DIY Mason Jar!

Yes, it’s super easy and quick Summer DIY mason jar to make. And very easy supplies are needed, in fact you would only need three things to make my unique glass mug; a mason jar which I’m sure you have at home, a curtain rope hanger or a drawer handle would look great too and a silicone glass glue to make it happen. So, are you interesting to make one or more for yourself and family, scroll more to find out things to prepare and how to make this quick and easy DIY Glass Mug from Mason Jar. But before that, let’s find out a little fact about Mason Jar.


About Mason Jar

The Mason Jar was came from the inventor’s name, whom is John Landis Mason. It was first invented and patented it way back in 1858 in US. The mason jar is a molded glass jar used widely in homes but mostly for the purpose of canning to preserve food. The first original Mason jar was created with a special significant airtight lid system. After the patent was over, came out  other jars with different brands. Mason jar is also known as Ball jar which Ball as the famous company who produce mason jar afterwards. Anyway, the jar I used is not a Ball mason jar, just an ordinary jar, but because of the Mason jar was the first canning glass jar to be famous; so, any glass jar is often called mason jar too. Okay, let’s go back to my DIY mason jar project.


Things To Prepare

Any glass jar would great to be used for this glass mug. So, just grab any mason jar you have and start to make the easy diy mason jar mug. Below are the three supplies you need to prepare:

  • Mason Jar or any glass jar
  • Curtain Rope Hanger in copper tone.
  • Silicone Glass Glue


How To Make

Simple supplies means simple steps to make the glass mug? Yes, it is! Super easy, you can make this glass mug from mason jar in many quantity in just a short time. So, here are the easy steps to make my glass mug:

  1. Make sure the mason jar is cleaned properly. Free of oil and debris.
  2. Take the curtain rope hanger and glue it to the mason jar by using silicone glass glue. Let it sit for a while to make sure it’s dry before you use it for drinking glass mug. Finished!


After all the trouble making the glass mugs from diy mason jars, all you need is some lemonade or cold beer to enjoy your summer. Just make sure you make enough glass mug for everyone at home. And then enjoy it with style! By the way, it would be a great DIY Father’s Day gift too.

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