DIY Upcycling Plastic Jar Into Cute Holder

I found some plastic jars in my storage room and thinking it would be great if I can change the look and use it for some kind of cute holders. Then I think of a fresh look, yellow color and ribbon. A little spring look with a bright summer touch. And of course with its function as a multi function holder.

From beginning, I was intended to make DIY holder anyone can do because it’s a no-sew project and easy supplies to get. So, you would only need glue to do all the work. I made a tiered ribbon like a cute yellow skirt dressed to the plastic jar and finished it of with a lemon craft foam and a flower ribbon ornament. Yes, summer meets spring as we are in spring and about to transitioning to summer soon.


Things To Prepare

It’s a great upcycling projects to help you re-use things that we usually turn into plastic waste. And you would only need common craft supplies to decorate this plastic jars and turn it into cute holders. Anyway, here are the list of supplies you will need to make this DIY holders :

  • Plastic jars with or without cover ( I used two plastic jars without cover and one with yellow cover)
  • Yellow ribbon
  • Gold ribbon
  • Yellow craft foam
  • Flower ornament
  • Drawing  pen
  • Glue


How To Make

Playing with ribbons to decorate the plastic jars can be fun, so you can bring along your kids to help with this cute holders. These are the simple steps to make upcycling plastic jars :

  1. Make sure all your plastic jars and cover are clean.
  2. Take the yellow ribbon and glue it to the plastic jar starting from the bottom jar. Make a fold every inch.
  3. It would look like a skirt on the plastic jar, all the way to the top of the jar.
  4. Finished the top jar with ribbon which circling around the jar’s mouth.
  5. Draw a lemon on the yellow art foam and cut the outline of the lemon.
  6. Glue it to the top of the jar and add a little flower ornament.
  7. Whereas the holder with cover is slightly different with the smaller gold ribbon to finish off the “skirt” ribbon.


Easy and fun to do alright? You can make lots of these cute holders and use it to organize you working desk or craft room. These upcycling plastic jars are perfect for any dispenser too and you can play with many colors as you like. Or match it with your room decor, yes, a little color coordination. Well, have fun with the DIY Upcycling Plastic Jar Into Cute Holder.


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