DIY Black & White Monogram Easter Eggs

So many ideas of presenting Easter eggs for decorations. My idea was to make something more classic, mature and personal for Easter home decoration. Here are the DIY Easter eggs in black and white monogram. You can draw initials of your family members and painted in black and white. I made it all with hand-drawings, but you can always alternate it with stickers or stamping, etc.

A few things to prepare for DIY Black & White Monogram Easter Eggs :

  • Plastic eggs
  • White spray paint
  • Drawing pen – black
  • Black marker
  • Grey marker
  • Pencil


Let’s see the steps to DIY Black & White Monogram Easter Eggs:

  1. Spray paint the cleaned eggs with white. Try to maintain a distance while spraying and don’t spray at one spot for too long, but spray in a glance all area, let it dry and repeat it until entire surface is covered evenly. Be patience to get best result. I used sewing pin as something to hold and stick it on the egg’s bottom so I can spray the entire surface without touching the egg.
  2. Sketch the pattern with the monogram you desired with pencil on the painted egg
  3. Enhance the monogram and the pattern on the easter eggs with drawing pen, black marker and grey marker. Let it dry and do it carefully.


Another idea to present your Easter eggs for your diy home decorations on coming holiday; A black and white with personal monogram as your Easter eggs. This black and white Easter eggs are classic and have more mature look. And the best thing is that you can add your family member’s monogram on each egg.

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