DIY Birds Feeding House

It’s fun to see some birds visiting your home; playing at your trees and plants, drink and eat something out of your garden. I think the birds would attracted more if you serve some seeds for them to munch somewhere in your backyard or even in your balcony. In that case, you may want to check out my DIY Birds Feeding House version.

I made a DIY Birds Feeding House from popsicle sticks. It’s just a simple bird house with a little painting to decorate the ice sticks house for bird’s food. Who knows the birds make nest out of my bird’s feeding house! Well, that’s too much hope I guess đŸ˜„


Things To Prepare

Same as I made my popsicle sticks wreath which took more than 50 ice stick.  You can easily get it from any craft store it won’t cost you much. Here is the list  of things you need to prepare for this birds feeding house project:

  • Ice sticks
  • White spray paint
  • Black marker
  • Blue acrylic paint
  • Wood glue
  • Hot glue


How To Make

This birds feeding house is a very easy diy to make. You can even make it with your little ones. Just follow these steps below and with a little guide from the pictures above, I’m sure you can make your own bird feeder in your own touch.

  1. Take the lolly sticks and glue it one by one to form a square plank for the bird house base by using wood glue.
  2. Next is to make three walls and two roofs planks from the ice sticks by using wood glue.
  3. Glue the three walls onto the square base with hot glue on the inner side of the bird house.
  4. Glue both of the roof plank by using hot glue on the inner side of the bird feeder. Make sure you apply enough hot glue to firmly secure it.
  5. Add three ice sticks on the front of the bird’s house.
  6. Paint the bird’s house with white paint and let it dry. And I just paint the outer side because I’m worry the paint would be toxic to the bird if I paint the inner sides.
  7. By using black marker, write “bird” on the front three ice sticks and add two birds on the left and the right of the “bird”.
  8. Paint the two birds with blue paint. When it’s dry, you can hang the birds feeding house outdoor and don’t forget to put some bird’s food.


Bring along your kids to help with this DIY Bird Feeding House, it’s going to be fun! When it’s done, fill it with bird’s food and hang it outside your home where you can sit and watch the cute birds fly in and enjoy your servings. That would be a great and relaxing things to do at home with your loved ones. Or have you made your own bird feeder, please share your story in the comments!


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