DIY Upcycled Cute Animal Pot

Your cacti, succulents or your other plants are multiplying and you have run out of your pots? Wait, don’t rush yourself to the hardware store and buy pots! Try to find things at home that you can turn into a pot. Like what? Try my fastest and easiest way to get a new pot from anything found at home. I usually make use of plastic bottles. A big empty bottle of soda is the easiest thing and common thing you can find at home. You can use them straight away after cutting it or you can do a little effort to make the plastic bottle pot more attractive. I share with you how I make my DIY Upcycled Cute Animal Pot.

Since it’s been school holiday, my kid was insisted on helping me with the plastic animal pot. It’s just a painting job with a very low skill needed. My kid wanted to make a pig pot, not a regular pig though, but Minecraft’s pig. As for me, I painted a cute puppy pot. Let’s see all the steps I had to make the cute animal pot from upcycling plastic bottles.

Things To Prepare

Super easy to make and easy-to-find supplies, so this animal pot is just great for Summer activity. Let’s see what are the complete super short list supplies that are used to make this DIY Upcycled Cute Animal Pot from plastic bottles :

  • Big plastic soda bottles
  • Acrylic paint (red, white, brown)
  • Black marker

How To Make

This surely a painting work, but super easy I’m sure. Besides, you and your kids can choose what kind of animal that is easy enough to paint. You can copy any animal or use your own creativity to paint animal you like. Anyway, if you wanted to make the same animal as mine, just follow these easy steps on how to make DIY Upcycled Cute Animal Pot :

1 . Make sure your plastic bottles are cleaned. Cut a bottle into two, about half from the bottom bottle. Actually the height is up to you to decide, a shallow pot or deeper pot. Don’t forget to make holes on the bottom of the plastic pot. But if you need it as a pot for a water pant, then you don’t need to make holes.

2. Start with mixing the paint. Combine red with white paint to get a desired pink color for the Minecraft pig. Mix brown with white paint and make into three tones for the brown. We’ll use it for the puppy pot.

3 .Paint the pig pot with pink evenly, then leave it to dry. Followed by painting the puppy pot with very pale brown (almost like a cream) evenly and leave it to dry.

4. When the pig pot is dried, get a black marker and start to draw the rectangle nose which followed by a pair of square eyes. Don’t forget to draw black nails on the pig’s feet. The Minecraft pig plastic pot is finished! So easy, I think my kid has done a good job with the pig pot.

5. As for the puppy pot, draw the nose in the middle then the mouth and dots around it. Put a pair of circle eyes by using black marker. Paint a little white for the eyes.

6. Continued painting a light brown to make a circle on one of the puppy’s eye. Let it dry.

7. Add pale pink of circles on both of the puppy’s cheek and also a pink tongue. Then paint a pair of darker brown ears for the plastic pot puppy. Let it dry. Remember to add two stripes on each puppy’s feet. Finished! How cute it is the puppy!

Super cute and fun to make! These animal pots from plastic bottles project is just great Summer activity to do with your kids. This is the second Summer activity I did with my kid, the other one was Rock Painting – Fruits. And the best part that I like most beside spending creative time with my kid is I get two free pots for my succulents! Look how cute they are!

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