How To Make Framed Lace Web With Starfishes

A framed lace web with starfishes? you must be wondering what is i? Is it a diy coastal? Is it a coastal decoration? How to make the framed lace web? There is a beauty in a lace web made of yarn. I’ve made a lace web Christmas wreath from yarn. The basic principle is just same as the framed lace web, which is using yarn and glue to make a lace web into shapes or things you want to develop. People use to make it in the shapes of ball and cone. I have made it in donut (torus) shape and now in one dimension, a framed sheet of lace web.


Actually there aren’t many things to prepared to make the lace web from yarn, but to upgrade the look into an interesting decorations, we need to be creative and add some other ornaments and material. And to make this Framed Lace Web With Starfishes, you need to have:

  • White yarn
  • Wooden sticks to used a s a frame. ( I used balsa sticks)
  • White glue
  • Starfihes
  • White acrylic paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Lotion


The steps are easy, just need a little patience to wind the yarn :

  1. Apply some lotion to a smooth surface (a glass, ceramics, plastic, etc) that will be used as a base for making the lace web
  2. Spread the yarn all evenly to the surface within a square area you desired ( mine was around 1 x 1 foot (30×30 cm).
  3. Apply glue all over the yarn sheet. Let lace web sheet dry.
  4. Cut 2 sets of the wooden sticks into four sticks in desired dimension to form the frame ( mine was 28x 28 cm)
  5. Glue the four sticks onto the white yarn sheet. Let the frame dry and secured.
  6. Cut the excess yarn from the edges of the frame.
  7. Glue the other side of the web sheet with another four wooden sticks to make the frame. So it has frame at the back and front. Let it completely dry and give some weigh on top of the framed lace wed to get it pressed at the same time.
  8. Paint the frame with white paint. Leave it dry.
  9. Finished it with gluing the starfishes by using hot glue.


Sounds difficult? No, it doesn’t, making the lace web is very easy and by framing it, you got a steady lace web sheet. It’s like a blank canvas waiting for you to be creative with it. I made it into a coastal diy with starfishes ornament. Interested to make? I hope you do and be more creative!


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