DIY Christmas Decoration Under Budget

Christmas is just under a few weeks, how exciting! Christmas is fun although is stressful and takes a lot of daily budget. But, hey, we need something special for Christmas! Well, how about I share an under budget Christmas decoration you can do it by yourself? I promise you, it’s super easy to make. I have prepared a super easy DIY Christmas Decoration Under Budget, that anyone can make. This DIY Christmas project is involving upcycling fry pan and some seashells. Still have some doubts? Well, let’s just go through all the materials I use and how I easily made this under budget Christmas decoration.

Things To Prepare

An old fry pan would be easy to find at home. The washed fry pan is no good for cooking. It’s better to upcycle it into decoration. You can do a little touch up on the scratched parts by applying black marker on it. That would easily solve your problem. Without any further, let’s find out what were the supplies I used to make this DIY Christmas Decoration :

  • An old fry pan
  • Seashells
  • Gold paint
  • Gold and silver snowflake sequins
  • Gold glitter
  • Gold Glittered ribbon
  • Goldish chiffon ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Fake snow I made from shredded polystyrene
  • UHU clear glue

How To Make

The best thing about this Christmas project besides it’s super cheap a.k.a under budget, and you get to upcycle your old fry pan; is you don’t need to do anything with your fry pan. Unless, your fry pan is not black, then you need to paint it black. Now, gather all the supplies I’ve mentioned above and follow these steps on how to make DIY Christmas Decoration :

1 . Make sure your fry pan is clean as you need a clean surface to glue everything on. It will not stick if the fry pan is dirty or greasy. Have your seashells cleaned too.

2 .Take your seashells and paint it with gold. Then sprinkle it with some gold glitter. Let it dry.

3. While waiting for the seashells to dry, you can tie two bows of ribbon. One is the gold glittered ribbon bow and the other is chiffon ribbon bow. Set aside.

4. Glue the gold seashells to form a Christmas tree by using UHU clear glue.

5. Apply some glue under the Christmas tree area and put some of the shredded polystyrene. If you have tiny foam balls is even better. I don’t have it at home so I used polystyrene and torn it into tiny pieces. I don’t think you need to rush to craft store for every material that you don’t have, you can replace it with similar thing you have at home instead.

6. Now, glue the gold and silver snowflakes around the Christmas tree.

7. The last part is to attach the chiffon bow and the gold glittered bow together on the fry pan. And it’s done!

How easy and cheap this Christmas decoration is. Just by using old sad fry pan and some cheap supplies, you can have a pretty Christmas decoration. I bet if you upcycle most of your Christmas decoration or use cheap materials, you can do Christmas under budget this year. You can check out my other Christmas DIYs that I did it under budget too. Happy Christmas crafting!

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