Painted Summer Cactus Sign

I painted a summer cactus sign this time. I used the other side of my DIY Spring Sign , which makes it into a double sided sign, one side is for spring, and the other side is for summer sign. So you can hang the sign along two seasons of spring and summer, just need to flip it when the season is changed. Very practical sign isn’t it?

Why cactus is always relate to summer? I guess because it’s a tropical plant which able to survive in heat and less water environment. And cacti have a great ability to store water and protect it from evaporate through the succulent stem which has a smooth surface. A cactus can be build up by 90% water, incredible right? That’s why a cactus is a perfect plant for summer; low maintenance but cute and pretty as decoration. If you don’t have a cactus yet, you can paint it like I did, a painted summer cactus sign; and hang it in your home.


Things To Prepare

This is absolutely painting work. I used my previous spring sign and use it as a double-sided sign. And the spring sign itself was an upcycling defected sign I bought from Daiso for half price. I don’t have to have more decoration at my storage by having a double sided sign. Anyway, these are the things that I used to make this painted summer cactus sign:

  • Wooden plank ( I used my previous spring sign)
  • Jute rope (It was there before as a rope hanger when I bought the sign)
  • White, light green, dark green, yellow, red acrylic paint
  • Black permanent marker


How To Make

Since I already painted both side of the upcycled wood plank when I made my spring sign, my work was easier. That was why I can started painting on the other side which was already in white painted. I did it in a rough paint though, I like it in a bit rusty look.

  1. I started by painting the cactus pot in pink acrylic which was mixed from white and red paint. I chose the pot as the starter because it’s the middle object of the painting, it would be easier as the perimeter of the proportion. On top side, it would be the cactus and below would be the word “summer”.
  2. Decide where the light would be from, left or right, then you can paint some darker shade to the pot.
  3. Paint the cactus with light green first, followed by yellow mixed with a bit of white paint. Paint the yellow and form some parts.
  4. Enhance the parts by paint a blurry line with darker green. After that add some thorns along the lines with dark green paint. Leave it dry.
  5. Mix the pink paint from previous with white, get lighter pink to paint the flower o  top of the cactus. Give some shade of white and dark pink to have a 3D look.
  6. Write the word ‘SUMMER” by using black marker. Let it dry.


I haven’t have a proper facility to perform a video to show the steps of my painting, but that is on my wish list, so who knows? 😊 I hope my tutorial would be handy to guide you to paint a similar cactus of your favorite. By the way, this little cute summer cactus sign would be a great addition to a summer decor. So, what are you waiting for? Get your brush and do little painting fun!


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