A Blooming Rose Bouquet Card For Her

A Blooming Roses Bouquet Card For Her


May is ending… . It is time to think of her. To show her how much you love her. How much you wanna give her. To express your feelings to her. Told her how beautiful she is and how much she meant for you. While flowers are still blooming and the love birds are still singing. Love is everywhere, shades of pink permeates. Give her a bouquet of love, but something tangible so she can touch it, hold it and keep it.

Yes, so I made this Blooming Roses Bouquet card. Very simple, no need glue or scissorsĀ or other complicated stuff for making cards. I only used:

  • Pencil – to make the sketches.
  • White A5 paper – the card media.
  • Watercolor Pencil – for coloring ( I like using watercolor pencil instead of classic color pencil, because it is softer and you can easily turn it into watercolor.)
  • Drawing Pen – for sentiment writing.


That’s it. This is a one layer card which made from freehand drawing and then colored. I choose roses bouquet because I love it! Why? Roses are amazingly beautiful, so elegant, romantic and it makes a perfect round for a bouquet. I only use one color pink which then I play with its gradation. Pink for her and pink is love, well, usually.

I’m a bit addicted to card challenges or any other challeges. So, this card is collaboration of many challenges I participated in.

  1. My Time To Craft – “Circles”
  2. CAS(E) this Sketch!
  3. Fusion Card ChallengeĀ 
  4. Crafty Friends – The Letter “B” is for… (Blooming, Bouquet)
  5. Less Is More – One Layer Card


I like to incorporate many challenges into one card, make it more challenging. But I can only make for 5 challenges, they have made their rules.

So, I hope this Blooming Roses Bouquet Card for Her will inspire you to make or to give something to your loved one, which is Her. And particularly, I wanna show you how easy it is to make a card only from sketches or maybe only one simple sketch.



Okay, see you again next month!

C is for Creative!