Best Furniture Ideas for 10×10 Feet Office Room and Kid’s Playroom From Ikea

Best Furniture Ideas for 10×10 Feet Office Room and Kid’s Playroom From Ikea, where I can show you in images to give more picture to how the room would look like. Why I choose Ikea? Because it’s considered pocket friendly and good quality. But most of all, I love Ikea’s design; simple, clean and lots of white!

I have planned to present Ikea’s furniture ideas for the five rooms of 10×10 feet in images when  but I would be overwhelmed, so I split it into 3 posts where I have more time to prepare it. First post was 5 Functional Rooms To Get From 10×10 Feet Space which I have shared the furniture layout for 5 different type of room. Those 10×10 feet rooms are 5 rooms that are commonly needed in a home.

I have prepared Ikea’s Best Furniture Ideas for 10×10 Feet Office Room and Kid’s Playroom from my perspective. Let’s go through each room one by one:

1. Office Room / Study Room with Ikea’s 


The color scheme for the home office is white and light wooden color. I just love to style my desk in white. First is to have a long working desk, combined from two units of Ikea’s office desk with drawers (4). Decorated with functional clean design desk lamp (3), a sleek white desk organizer (2) and refreshing thyme synthetic plant (1) which does not need watering! In white and wooden, a revolving chair (5) is always my choice for working, it’s more unimpeded. And a matching wire trash bin (6). Don’t you love wire stuff? For more storage in office room, I chose the white and wooden legs cabinets (7) which will hide your clutter perfectly. Have 3 of them to create a row of cabinets on the left side of the room. Then you can add some wall organizers (8 and 9) to make use of the free space on the wall, considered this is just a 10×10 feet room. And a simple functional curtain (10) for the window. You can find those on Ikea’s office furniture section.

2. Kid’s Playroom wih Ikea’s


Kid’s playroom is fun to decorate, I chose white, blue and dash of yellow for the color scheme. A blue cloudy curtain (1), white wooden desk (3) and chair (4) with an educational toy (2) will keep your little one busy. Organize kid’s toys on vertical storage is a best furniture choice for 10×10 feet room; and this ikea’s storage (7 & 8) comes in sleek white. Add some fun soft toys (5 & 6) from ikea’s to splash some colors to the white storage. I can’t find a bean bag on ikea’s kid’s section, so I added a white rockin’ chair (10) and a standing board (9) for your kid’s creative time. The best feature in this room is the window seating (14) where your kid’s can read and sit, have a nap, hide their toys inside the storage underneath. In order to make it, have 3 of the window seats + storage (14) and lay some pillow seats (13); and at last decorate it with mixed colors and patterns pillows (11 & 12).

Office room and kid’s playroom are two of the 5 room you can get from 10×10 feet space that I wrote on my previous post. These 2 rooms considered “The Room” for adults and “The Room” for kids. So, having these office room and kid’s playroom somewhere in your home, squeezed inside 10×10 feet room is a wish come true. And furnished it with best furniture ideas from Ikea is an amazing wish come true. Amazing happiness for the adults and the kids.

Stay and follow me for the rest of the 5 functional room of 10×10 feet, which are nursery room, guest room and craft room with furniture ideas from Ikea.



See you later!

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