Four Fun Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs Card For Kindergarten

I made an Easter Eggs Card with my kid as a free task from school for Easter activity. As for some small kids, coloring the whole page sometimes can be boring and tiring.  So, I came out with the idea of four different ways to decorate the Easter Eggs Card. Four fun ways that have already introduced to most kindergarten children. The four techniques are :

  1. Smudge Crayons Coloring
  2. Pencil Colors Coloring
  3. Origami Paper Mosaic
  4. Painting By Using Watercolor Pencils

These are four fun ways that will make your kids having a blast experience in decorating an Easter Eggs Card. Not boring, because it has so many ways and fun learning to enhance their artsy side. Plus, this kids activity would make the little ones able to explore many colors possibilities.


Let me share how I do the Four Fun Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs Card For Kindergarten kids.

Smudge Crayons Coloring

Smudge Crayons Coloring means you need to use crayons and your thumb to do this. A bit messy on your fingers, but it’s surely fun and the result is fantastic. Here are what you have to do:

  1. Color the drawing with a contrast color crayon in thick layer.
  2. Use your thumb to smudge the crayon coloring by sweeping your thumb to the outer direction of the drawing. And you got yourself a shinny looking crayon coloring.

Pencil Colors Coloring

This is the most familiar coloring way for every kids and adults. It’s super easy and no mess at all. Use bright vibrant colors to color the Easter Eggs and have a spirit of Easter and Spring.


Origami Paper Mosaic

Playing with colorful origami papers with shredding and glue involved is surely a favorite for every young kids, including mine. This is not coloring, is more to the crafty work. Here are the simple steps of origami paper mosaic:

  1. Shred the origami papers in many colors in small pieces. You can cut it, but what’s the fun?
  2. Glue the small pieces of origami papers into the drawing until no more white area is left. Let it dry.

Painting By Using Watercolor Pencils

Painting by using watercolor pencils is the easiest for kids to try painting. It’s much as fun as painting by using watercolor paste. And it less messy too! What do you need to do?

  1. Use a watercolor pencils set, usually it comes wit h a paint brush.
  2. Prepare a clean water on a cup to wet the paint brush.
  3. Color the drawing with watercolor pencil colors.
  4. Stroke the colored drawing with the wet painted brush.
  5. Dip the paint brush into the water every time the brush gets too dry or every time you wanted to paint a drawing with a different color from previous one. Let it dry.


Very easy and fun, right? You just need to prepare an Easter Eggs drawing or printable (it’s available on my other post, check below posts) and you can have your kids to experiment with the Four Fun Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs Card.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect art work, it’s just a fun project for kindergarten kids to do on Easter at home with their parents or older siblings. These four fun ways to decorate Easter Eggs Card would a great learning and creative experience to young children and adding their colors vocabulary. Well, have fun with this Easter for kids project and Happy Easter!

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