Upcycling Table Calendar Into A Personalized 2019 Planner

Upcycling Table Calendar Into A Personalized 2019 Planner

All this time I have been thinking of what to do with old table calendar, as it is such a waste to just throw it away. It’s thick, made from fine papers, wouldn’t be great to be used as something new? Until I have this idea of making a personalized planner to organize 2019. It would be a table planner actually, not in a form of a book.

It is a very simple looking planner in order to give you more freedom to personalized it with your style and have it interesting / eye-catching in your own way. As simple as it look, the making was also simple. I followed the old 2018 table calendar color that I had and try to match it. It’s blue and I happened to have blue papers, so it became a blue planner.


Okay, let’s list down things to prepare for upcycling old table calendar into a nice handy personalized planner to organize your 2019 :

  • Old table calendar
  • Blue papers
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Flower ornaments
  • Glue
  • Drawing pen


The steps to upcycling table calendar into a personalized planner for 2019 are simple and easy :

  1. Cut the blue papers into a size that enough to cover all picture of the calendar, but not entire page,  leave a bit for a frame.
  2. Glue each cut paper to each page of the old table calendar. Let it dry.
  3. Decorate as you wished, I decorated the planner in very simple look. That way, I can personalized it while filling my 2019 planner.
  4. I  used popsicle sticks to write month and the yearly planner; January – December, My 2019 Planner, My 2020 Sneak Peek. And I finished it with flowers ornaments, each on both sides.
  5. I drew columns and hand wrote the week, the notes, the months. If you wanted to be more instant, just print out the blue papers before you paste it to the old calendar. It’s faster and easier. But, hey, where’s the fun? 😀
  6. Your Personalized 2019 Planner is finished!


What a cheap fun planner to organize your 2019. That’s what you get from upcycling table calendar and use a bit of creativity to make it attractive. The old table calendar was not attractive calendar and the color blue is quite difficult to work with, that is why I stayed in shades of blue. But you might get lucky and have a more attractive old table calendar with more neutral color to be upcycled into a better 2019 planner that you can personalized. Well, happy hunting old table calendar and planning for exciting 2019!


No need planner to be creative!

See you next week!




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