Hand Painted Valentine’s Love Card – Bee My Valentine

Hand Painted Valentine’s Love Card – Bee My Valentine

Card making is one of my favorite craft. I hand painted this Valentine’s Love Card with the sentiment : “Bee My Valentine”. I always love simplicity and this valentine’s card is surely simple love card.

What did I prepare to make this hand painted valentine’s love card ?

  • A recycled purple paper from calendar’s envelope.
  • Kraft card
  • White concorde paper
  • Red and white paint to get pink color
  • Paint brush
  • Drawing pen
  • Glue


Very easy steps I made to get my hand painted valentine’s love card done ;

  1. Cut the white paper and purple paper in desired size. Mine was half A4 for the white paper and the purple followed it with slightly bigger size to have a frame to the white paper.
  2. Glue them together.
  3. Cut the kraft card in a love shape.
  4. Paint the card with pink color from the bottom and add more white for the next area above for gradation effect. Do it over and over until reach the top. I made it into 5 areas of gradation. Let it dry.
  5. Draw a bee and add sentiment ” My Valentine”.
  6. Glue the heart shape to the bee as the wings.
  7. Bee My Valentine card is ready Valentine’s day!


Easy and simple! Hope my Hand Painted Valentine’s Love Card – Bee My Valentine inspires you for your own handmade valentine’s card. Share with me on comments, okay? ūüôā

Bee My Creative Valentine!

See you!



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DIY Valentine’s Gift Hourglass

DIY Valentine’s Gift Hourglass


Looking for a special valentine’s gift idea? Let’s try my DIY Valentine’s Gift Hourglass. It would be a special gift with your personal touch. An hourglass that he/she can put on working desk which reminds him/her loved one. It’s a cute gift but easy to make.

Let’s see what do you need to make DIY Valentine’s Gift Hourglass :

  • Small used glass bottles (you need two of the same size and shape bottles)
  • Balsa wood (thick and thin)
  • Pink sand
  • White paint
  • Silver ribbon
  • Glue


The steps to make DIY Valentine’s Gift Hourglass are very simple, which are:

  1. Clean the two used glass bottles thoroughly.
  2. Cut the thick balsa wood into 2 squares (for the bottle’s bottom) and 1 rectangle thin balsa wood with the width of the square balsa and the length of the two bottles.
  3. Cut thin balsa wood in the shape and size of the bottle’s mouth, a circle. And then drill a hole in the middle.
  4. Paint the two squares and one rectangle balsa with white paint. Let it dry.
  5. Glue 1 square balsa into the bottom of one bottle. Let it dry.
  6. Fill the glued bottle with the pink sand. Secure it with circle balsa and glue it to the bottle’s mouth.
  7. Glue the other bottle to the filled bottle, mouth to mouth.
  8. Glue the square balsa to the glued bottle’s bottom.
  9. Decor it with silver ribbon. I tried to keep it simple so the pink sand would be the main focus.
  10. Glue the rectangle balsa to the two sides of bottom balsa; it’s used as the hourglass’ background. Finished!


I used whatever bottles I had at home, but it would look nicer if you have shorter and rounder bottles, it would make a very cute hourglass. Easy to make? Yes it is! This DIY Valentine’s Gift Hourglass would be a great choice for a handmade valentine’s gift. And it would be perfect for anyone, just decor the hourglass accordingly to the type of person you’re going to give. Good luck!


Creativity after creativity… .

See you later!




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Upcycling Table Calendar Into A Personalized 2019 Planner

Upcycling Table Calendar Into A Personalized 2019 Planner

All this time I have been thinking of what to do with old table calendar, as it is such a waste to just throw it away. It’s thick, made from fine papers, wouldn’t be great to be used as something new? Until I have this idea of making a personalized planner to organize 2019. It would be a table planner actually, not in a form of a book.

It is a very simple looking planner in order to give you more freedom to personalized it with your style and have it interesting / eye-catching in your own way. As simple as it look, the making was also simple. I followed the old 2018 table calendar color that I had and try to match it. It’s blue and I happened to have blue papers, so it became a blue planner.


Okay, let’s list down things to prepare for upcycling old table calendar into a nice handy personalized planner to organize your 2019 :

  • Old table calendar
  • Blue papers
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Flower ornaments
  • Glue
  • Drawing pen


The steps to upcycling table calendar into a personalized planner for 2019 are simple and easy :

  1. Cut the blue papers into a size that enough to cover all picture of the calendar, but not entire page,  leave a bit for a frame.
  2. Glue each cut paper to each page of the old table calendar. Let it dry.
  3. Decorate as you wished, I decorated the planner in very simple look. That way, I can personalized it while filling my 2019 planner.
  4. I  used popsicle sticks to write month and the yearly planner; January РDecember, My 2019 Planner, My 2020 Sneak Peek. And I finished it with flowers ornaments, each on both sides.
  5. I drew columns and hand wrote the week, the notes, the months. If you wanted to be more instant, just print out the blue papers before you paste it to the old calendar. It’s faster and easier. But, hey, where’s the fun? ūüėÄ
  6. Your Personalized 2019 Planner is finished!


What a cheap fun planner to organize your 2019. That’s what you get from upcycling table calendar and use a bit of creativity to make it attractive. The old table calendar was not attractive calendar and the color blue is quite difficult to work with, that is why I stayed in shades of blue. But you might get lucky and have a more attractive old table calendar with more neutral color to be upcycled into a better 2019 planner that you can personalized. Well, happy hunting old table calendar and planning for exciting 2019!


No need planner to be creative!

See you next week!




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DIY 2019 Sparkling Bottle New Year Sign

DIY 2019 Sparkling Bottle New Year Sign

When I think of New Year sign, I straight away think of sparkling bottle, so I made a 2019 New Year Sign with Sparkling Bottle as the object. This sparkling sign is just perfect for new year’s eve party decoration. Interested to find out? Well then, let’s go through what and how to diy this sparkling 2019 New Year sign.

These are the things you need to have to make my DIY 2019 Sparkling Bottle New Year Sign:

  • Balsa wood
  • White acrylic paint
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Silver acrylic paint
  • Gold glitter
  • Silver glitter
  • Gold ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush


The steps to make this DIY 2019 Sparkling Bottle New Year Sign needed a little paint job and fun with glitters:

  1. Paint the sign with white paint roughly. Let it dry.
  2. Hand paint shape of a bottle with gold acrylic paint 2/3 of the bottom part and the rest up with silver acrylic paint. Give some shading around the bottle. Let it dry.
  3. Hand paint the 2019 with gold acrylic paint.
  4. Apply some glue as if you are painting a sparkling drink from the bottom bottle rushing out to the top bottle. Pour gold glitter for sparkling effect on the bottle and let it dry.
  5. Apply some glue to the 2019 and pour sparkling silver glitter. Let it dry.
  6. Tie a gold ribbon and attach it on the bottle’s neck.
  7. The DIY 2019 Sparkling Bottle New Year Sign is ready to decorate your Sparkling New Year’s Eve Party!


Pretty simple, huh? I love the glitz and gleams from the sparkly glitters that shines all over the bottle and the year 2019, just so pretty. I took the picture along with my DIY New Year’s Mini Sparkle Ball Ornaments,¬†it looks great together, they’re all sparkling. May this sparkling new year sign of 2019 would be a great diy for you to enjoy, something from my last creative post of 2018! I toast to all my fellow bloggers who followed me and who drop by once in a while and everyone who ever visit my blog, like and enjoy my posts. Happy Sparkling 2019 New Year everyone! Best wishes!



Welcome 2019, Sparkling New Year of creativity!

See you all on 2019!





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Super Quick & Easy DIY New Year’s Mini Sparkle Ball Ornaments

New year’s Eve is coming soon right after Christmas. Super busy preparing for festive holidays? Try this, a super quick & easy DIY New Year’s mini sparkle ball ornaments. This can be a last-minute decoration for New year’s decor. It took me only 5 minutes to finished the two sparkle ball ornaments. So, you surely can do the same.


What to prepare for this mini sparkle ball ornaments for new year?

  • Sparkle pipe cleaners (silver and gold)
  • Sparkle ribbons (silver and gold)

Yup, that’s all you need, how did I make the sparkle pipe cleaners into the sparkle ball ornaments?

  1. Take 4 silver pipe cleaners and form it into a circle and secure the ends by twisting it together.
  2. Put the four sparkle circles together to form a ball.
  3. Secure the ball with gold ribbon.
  4. Finished!
  5. Do the same with the gold pipe cleaners and use a silver ribbon.


Super easy and quick diy decoration, isn’t it? Easy materials, quick making and pretty sparkle result! This mini sparkle ball ornaments would look great to your new year’s eve party decoration. You can hang them, or just put it together with the rest of the decorations. You can have it done in short time before you start your new year’s party. Perfect for hectic situation while preparing new year’s party after brutally busy with Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Be Merry in New creativity Year!

See you again!



DIY White Christmas Wreath From Yarn

DIY White Christmas Wreath From Yarn

Christmas wreath is one of the most important Christmas decorations because it’s the first thing people see in front of your house. So, of course I also presenting my diy white Christmas wreath that I’ve made from yarn to complete Christmas decorations ideas for you.

It’s an easy project but it’s a fresh look for a Christmas wreath. All this time people use the yarn to make a ball shape or cone shape, well here I’ll show you how to diy donut shape that we can use as a wreath. Then, let’s see what I prepared for this white Christmas wreath from yarn :


The steps are easy, just need a little patience to wind the yarn :

  1. Blow a white long balloon and while you blow it, form the balloon into a circle, like a donut. Secure the edges in smoothest way you can.
  2. Apply some lotion to the entire balloon’s surface
  3. Wind the yarn all evenly to the balloon wreath.
  4. Apply glue all over the yarn. Let it dry.
  5. Open the balloon’s node, or simply pop the balloon with needle if you don’t want to reuse the balloon.
  6. The yarn wreath is almost ready, just need some decor to complete the look.
  7. Glue some silver snowflake sequins on the white yarn wreath.
  8. I gave a big silver ribbon as a wreath hanger.
  9. I attached a snowflake Christmas ornament to the top wreath by using a small silver ribbon.
  10. Finished it with a bow from white ribbon.


I love this see through effect from the white yarn, it gives texture, it gives character and looks so fragile yet beautiful. This white Christmas wreath from yarn has given another beautiful addition to my White Christmas decorations collection. From here, you can make any colors you like for this Christmas wreath, just choose the yarn colors and decorate it with matching decorations. Well, enjoy your diy time and hope mine can inspire.


See you later

Do creativity!



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DIY Sparkles Mini Christmas Tree

DIY Sparkles Mini Christmas Tree

Christmas is all about Christmas tree, it’s like the center piece of all the Christmas decorations in your home, it brings everything together. But I made the mini version diy of a christmas tree that sparkles and will be the centerpiece of all other mini Christmas decorations that put together maybe on your mantel.

Things I used to make this DIY sparkles mini Christmas tree are :

  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue (clear)
  • Thick and thin wire
  • Balsa wood 1/4 inch thick
  • Glitter
  • Glue


Below are the steps for DIY sparkles mini Christmas tree:

  1. Cut a thicker wire around 8 inches (20 cm) as the main trunk.
  2. Cut 5 wires in 6 inches ( 25 cm ), 4 wires in 4.5 inches ( 11 cm ), 3 wires in 3 inches ( 7 cm ).
  3. Cut balsa wood two sets of 2 x 2 inches ( 5 x 5 cm ) as the tree’s foundation.
  4. Punch through one of the balsa wood using the thick wire and have it bent.
  5. Glue the punched balsa with another balsa until it firmed and dry.
  6. Install the 5 longest wires to make branches on the Christmas tree. Secure it with hot glue in the intersection. Let it dry.
  7. Then continued it with the 4 wires and last is the 3 wires.
  8. Apply hot glue to the end of the branch and form a dot. apply it all the way into the to branches. Let it dry.
  9. Apply some glue on each dot and pour some glitters ( I used white and a dash of silver glitters) for the sparkles effect.
  10. Put hot glue christmas ornament in a shape of star on top of the mini Christmas tree. Apply glue and glitters too.
  11. Tie some silver ribbons on the mini Christmas tree to add more sparks!
  12. Add some Christmas ornament on the bottom mini tree.
  13. Finished! Sparkles mini Christmas tree is ready to bring more joy to your Christmas decorations.


Still stick to my Christmas theme decorations, “White Christmas”, this diy sparkles mini Christmas tree is easy to make and cheap. You can play with the glitter’s color to meet your Christmas theme. Hope you inspired and enjoy my sparkles mini Christmas Tree. Stay with me for more Christmas decorations!



See ya!

Creativity Sparks!


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6 Easy Paintings For Handmade Christmas Card

6 Easy Paintings For Handmade Christmas Card

I made these six easy paintings for anyone to make their own handmade Christmas card. These paintings are simple and fast painting work, does not need a high painting skill.

I used cardboard card for the handmade Christmas card. I painted it with poster colors and mixed with some acrylic colors, those were coming from my paint supplies. I decorated them with silver and gold ribbons, silver and gold snowflake sequins. I also use some drawing pen and black marker to complete the paintings.


These 6 easy paintings are all about Christmas, so it would be perfect for your handmade Christmas card.

  1. Christmas treePicture100
  2. Christmas ornamentPicture102
  3. Christmas reindeer  Picture101
  4. Christmas candy cane  Picture103
  5. Christmas wreath  Picture104
  6. Christmas Snowman  Picture105

Easy paintings aren’t they? You can make these handmade Christmas card without spending too much time and money, but it’s surely look fabulous and perfect for kids and adults Christmas cards.

Hope you love my 6 easy paintings and ready for your handmade Christmas cards! Follow me for more easy and wonderful white Christmas decoration ideas!

See you!

Make creative handmade!




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Easy DIY Christmas Tree Pillow

Easy DIY Christmas Tree Pillow

I made an easy Christmas Pillow with a Christmas tree shape. I don’t sew a lot, but I love playing with fabrics. And this is one is an easy diy, does not need an advance sewing skill.

You need some pillow filling and gray gada clothes and of course some snowflake sequins for the Christmas tree. I love gray gada clothes for its natural roughness and neutral ivory color.


The steps are easy to make this diy christmas tree pillow:

  1. Cut the fabric into 2 squares 17.5 inches x 17.5 inches ( 45 cm x 45 cm ).
  2. Sew 3 sides and left one side open for pillow filling ( I used dacron).
  3. Sew it after filling it firmly. Okay, the plain pillow is ready for christmas decoration.
  4. Determine a beginning point for the sequins. I started at around a quarter of the pillow lenght.
  5. Sew a gold snowflake sequin as the christmas tree topper.
  6. Sew one green snowflake sequin for the tree’s first row.
  7. Sew two green snowflake sequins on the next row.
  8. Repeat the steps and add one sequin more to each row, until you reach ninth rows.
  9. Along the first until the ninth row, insert one red snowflakes randomly to act as the christmas tree ornaments.
  10. Tie a christmas red bow and sew it on the bottom of the sequins christmas tree.
  11. There you go, easy diy christmas, right? it’s a christmas pillow with sparking christmas tree sequins.
  12. If you want to get more instant way, buy a white plain pillow and then decorate it. That would be faster.



For those who love to sew, this is a super easy fun diy to do for a christmas pillow. Well, I hope this christmas tree pillow can be a fun diy project for both who love to sew and those who’s not fond of sewing. But a christmas pillow is one of a great way to decorate your home for this coming holidays. Stay with me for more of my White Christmas DIYs to come!


Creativity can be so easy!

See you around!


Hand Painted Christmas Gift Tags

Hand Painted Christmas Gift Tags

After I made Christmas Favor Bag as a party gift, now it’s time for a Christmas gift tag to decorate your special Christmas gift. As it is a special gift for¬†a special person, so I made the gift tags in hand painted.

I painted three paintings which suitable for kids and adults. I used things I had in my drawer, which I used on my previous Christmas project.

  • Kraft card
  • White poster color
  • Red, white, orange, blue, black acrylic paint
  • Silver glitter
  • Glue
  • Silver ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush


The steps to make this Christmas gift tag is easy if you love to paint:

  1. Cut the kraft card into the tag shape.
  2. Punch a hole on top of the gift tag.
  3. Paint the tag with white paint roughly. Let it dry.
  4. Han paint the gift tag with Christmas signatures, I chose a joyful snowman with a little ūüź¶, a very merry Santa Claus, and a peaceful blue pine trees. Let it dry.
  5. Add a stripe of silver glitter on the bottom of each tag, apply some glue in advance.
  6. Tie a silver ribbon on the top of the gift tag.





It’s easy to make if you enjoy painting, but if you don’t, you can check out my Glittery Christmas Ornaments to decorate your Christmas gift without any painting job. I hope you enjoy my hand painted Christmas gift tags, happy gift tag making! Follow me for more handmade Christmas decorations!




See you in December!


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Handmade Christmas Gift As Party Favor Bag And Wreath Ornament

Handmade Christmas Gift As Party Favor Bag And Wreath Ornament

This is a great handmade gift for Christmas party because it works as a party favor bag and as a Christmas ornament which I made in a wreath look. This is how it works, you can tuck in some sweets inside the wreath ornament bag and give it to your guests, and after they enjoy your sweet favor, they can hang the wreath ornament in their Christmas tree. And for more personal touch, include your guest’s name on the party favor bag.

It’s a simple design and easy to make handmade gift for Christmas. All you need for this wreath ornament are:

  • White felt
  • Snowflake sequins silver and gold
  • Silver ribbon
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Drawing pen
  • Glue
  • Scissors


The steps are also simple and fast in the making :

  1. Cut the white felt in 2 round shapes (10 cm / 4 inches in diameter).
  2. Glue them together around the edges and leave an opening on above to make a favor bag.
  3. Glue the star sequins overlapped and not really in order to form a wreath look.
  4. Cut a piece of silver ribbon and glue it to the front and back of the party favor bag so it could be hung as a Christmas ornament.
  5. Cut some popsicle stick for a base to write Merry, Christmas, Joy To, and A Name (Laurie I’ve made).
  6. Glue the words Merry and Christmas on the front of the wreath ornament and the words Joy To and The Name (Laurie) on the back of the ornament bag.
  7. Finished! A handmade Christmas gift is ready! You can make more for as many as your guest are, it’s surely an easy party gift to make.


Easy and fast handmade Christmas gift which not only give you a chance to slip some sweets into the party favor bag but also can give your guests a Christmas wreath ornament for them to hang on their tree at home with their name on it. Hope you are inspired for a handmade gift for Christmas party idea.


See you!

Let your creativity be a gift!



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How To Make Twinkle Christmas Ornaments By Using Hot Glue

How To Make Twinkle Christmas Ornaments By Using Hot Glue

This is a very easy twinkle Christmas ornaments to make. You only need a steady hand to make it, because you’re going to use a hot glue gun. How? Next you are going to read the tutorial and things you need to make the Christmas ornaments from hot glue.

Things I used to make this hot glue twinkle Christmas ornaments :

  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue (clear)
  • Wire
  • Glitter glue
  • Glitter
  • Glue


Below are the steps on how to make the hot glue Christmas ornaments and how to make it twinkle:

  1. Have your hot glue gun ready with the hot glue.
  2. Apply some lotion to your work surface, just thin layer for easy peeling job.
  3. Apply hot glue to the lotion surface with your desired shape. Let it dry. I made Christmas tree, snowflake, Christmas sock, snowman, star, Noel and Merry.
  4. Now this is the peeling job I have mentioned before, peel off the dry hot glue shape from the surface. The lotion layer should make it easier for you to do the peeling.
  5. Make some little hanger from wire and thrust it into the un-dried hot glue ornament. Apply more hot glue to the hanger and ornament to tighten it. Let it dry.
  6. It’s twinkle decorating time! Apply glitter glue and then dip it into a plate full of glitter. Let it dry.
  7. You just have your personal Christmas ornaments that twinkle, from hot glue!



Easy, fun and you will be addicted to it, because you can make anything out of the hot glue! And by simply adding some twinkle glitters, your Christmas ornaments would look fabulous! How great it is? So, hope you’re inspired and have fun making it! Please let me know which is your favorite Christmas ornaments I’ve made and what shape are you going to make!


Twinkle creativity!

See you later!


I entered below challenges for this Twinkle Christmas Ornaments:

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DIY Glittery Christmas Tree Garland

DIY Glittery Christmas Tree Garland

Christmas is coming and there are a lot of decorations to be prepared for your festive glittery Christmas. And that means lots of DIYs if you want to save money. I’ve done my hand painted Christmas sign and now I got a DIY Christmas tree garland.

Upcycling is the best inexpensive way to make valuable decorations. I came out with the idea of using tissue cores and craft it into a Christmas tree garland. And to add more festive look to the garland, I presented it with glittery gold and silver colors.


These are all the items I needed to craft this Christmas tree garland :

  • Tissue cores
  • White paint
  • Gold paint
  • Silver paint
  • Gold glitter glue
  • Green glitter glue
  • Red glitter glue
  • Little star ornament
  • Glittery ribbon
  • Cotton rope
  • Lolly sticks
  • Drawing pen
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Glue


And these are the steps I had to make the glittery garland:

  1. Draw a christmas tree on the tissue core. Cut the Christmas tree until three-quarters.
  2. Fold one side of the tissue core until the pointy tree is on top. Made 3 or more as desired.
  3. Paint the core with white and the tree with gold or silver paint.
  4. Apply some glitter glue; gold, red and green; to each tree.
  5. Add a shimmering little star ornament on top of the tree.
  6. Put all glittery Christmas tree together with cotton rope to form a garland.
  7. Tie some glittery ribbon to the rope.
  8. There you go, the glittery Christmas tree garland is ready to be hung.



I made this Christmas tree Garland with consideration of not to waste much money. As I think that we probably wouldn’t use the same Garland again next year.

I hope my creation can bring some joy and more festive Christmas to your lovely home decor. Stay with me with more Christmas decor ideas!


Have your creativity glittering!

See you soon!




I entered below challenges for this DIY Glittery Christmas Tree Garland :

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DIY Hand Painted Christmas Joy Sign

DIY Hand Painted Christmas Joy Sign


Recently I found it amusing to do it yourself some hand painted signs, especially on this end of the year, there are so many occasion to celebrate. A simple diy sign can really do a great job on your home decor. And after I made Fall Sign, Halloween Sign, Thanksgiving Sign, now it’s time for Christmas Sign! A jolly season that will end the year in joy.

So what did I prepare for my Grateful Thanksgiving sign?

  • Balsa wood plank
  • White spray paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Green acrylic paint
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Silver acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Drawing pen
  • Scissors


I hand painted this sign, so not much crafting steps to do, but more to the painting works :

  1. Cut the balsa wood plank in desired dimension, mine was 14.5 inches x 4 inches (36 cm x 10 cm). I choose balsa wood because it’s an easy wood to work with, especially the plank, it’s thin and you can even cut it with scissors.
  2. Spray paint the¬†wooden cutting block with white spray paint. Don’t spray it evenly, so it would leave a rustic look. Leave the edges to be in its wooden color character. Let it dry.
  3. Draw a sketch of the sentiment and the jingle balls plus holy foliage with pencil.
  4. Draw the “Joy” word with drawing pen, it’s a lot easier than painting it.
  5. Paint the red and gold jingle bells with the holy foliage. Let it dry.
  6. Don’t forget to add some shading to the jingle balls.
  7. The Christmas Joy Sign is finished!


It is a simple diy sign, I love the word “Joy”, because it reflects Christmas and also reminds me to be joyful all year-long. And the jingle balls feels like the best Christmas touch that makes everything merrier. This hand painted Joy sign is a great decoration to express your joyful feeling to welcome Christmas in coming winter season.



I will welcome this winter with more Christmas diy! So, make sure you follow me to get more creative inspiration for your Christmas holiday decor.


See you!

Be joyful creative!




I play on Paint Party Friday

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  7. Scrap From Your Heart – Jul / Christmas
  8. Unicorn Challenge – Use A Sentiment
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Fall & Thanksgiving Side Table Decor

Fall & Thanksgiving Side Table Decor

Side table is as much important as any table in a home, especially when your side table is on the sitting room where you entertain your guest or on the foyer where you receive the guest. Therefore, to have a remembered thanksgiving dinner party, you should hot forget your side table decor. And moreover, the side table decor for thanksgiving must be aligned with your fall home decor.

I arranged some of my fall and thanksgiving decorations in one white square side table at the foyer where I put the seating tags for thanksgiving dinner. This setting is a mixed of fall colors and a slightly winter colors, since it’s a month of almost seasonal transition. Gold and natural wood colors of fall mixed with shades of blue and white of winter colors. And amazingly it worked well together. This taught me not to scare to mix calm, natural colors with glimmering color like gold for a decor.


These are the list of all the decoration items I used for the fall & thanksgiving side table :


The first four are the decorations I have posted before on how to make it and the last two was the ones I showed in this post. The crepe wrapped pumpkin is an emergency pumpkin I made from a vase that I wrapped with white crepe paper. And the crepe paper flower was made from white crepe paper that I have applied with gold glitter.


So, use whatever you have to decor your side table to celebrate thanksgiving and to get the fall ambience. Just add this and that to complete the look. No need expensive decorations to have a beautiful seasonal decor, so you can have a different look every year without spending much money. Happy fall and thanksgiving!

See you anytime soon!

Thanks to creativity for giving a creation!