DIY SPRING Letters Decoration

These are all Pringles can projects I’ve made before that I added some letters to make into the word SPRING. It’s a great way to upcycle your Pringles cans, big or small. Not just as decorations, but as many different functional things as well. So, after used as a set of decoration, you can use each can according to its function and still look beautiful.

Things To Prepare

It’s a common list of craft supplies that you need to prepare for this Spring project. Try to replace it with something similar to my material if you don’t have the same one. Just use whatever you have in your craft stash. Let’s see what are the list supplies which used to make this DIY SPRING Letters Decoration :

  • Pringles Can (big and small sizes)
  • Decorative paper (flowery pattern to represent Spring)
  • Ribbons
  • Double Foam Tape
  • Clear glue
  • Flower ribbon decoration
  • Egg (real or plastic will do)
  • Acrylic Markers
  • etc.

How To Make

Empty chips can is easy to work with and very useful. You can be creative with it as much as you can. Anyway, follow these easy steps on how to do DIY SPRING Letters Decoration :

1 . Make sure your Pringles can is clean. Wrap it with a flowery decorative paper of your choice.

2. Decorate it with different kind of style for each wrapped can. How you decorate it also depends on what function are you going to give to each can.

5. Make or buy decorated letters to form the word SPRING. If you notice, I use Eiffel Tower as a letter “I” for the top tower as the bottom part doesn’t appeared as a whole, so instead of an “A” I interpret it as “I”. I’m sure you’re dying to debate on it, SPRANG! Lol!

To find out in details on how to make and supplies needed for each decorated can, you can check out each of my projects below.

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Easy and fun to do Spring project. It’s not just plain decorations, but the upcycled Pringles cans are functional as well. Some serve as a hidden container, some as vases, some are multy-purpose holders. And it looks Springy!

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