DIY Lucky Shamrock Sign Paper Craft

You may look for some easy-to-make Saint Patrick’s Day craft to do with your kids. The one that cute enough to be used as your lucky shamrock decoration. Well, I have this idea that you may like to try; A DIY Lucky Shamrock Sign Paper Craft. It’s easy to make with easy material to find and cute result! Scroll down as you can find steps I did to make this Saint Patrick’s decoration from paper base materials.

Things To Prepare

If you have some stacks of colorful paper straws, then you’re lucky! You can straight away and do this lucky shamrock paper craft. You can play with pattern and even the color of the paper straws, as long as it looks like pretty rainbow. Just use whatever you have in your craft stash. Let’s see what are the list supplies which used to make this DIY Lucky Shamrock Sign Paper Craft :

  • Used – thick paper (mine is paper from a table calendar)
  • White card paper
  • Green crepe paper
  • Colorful rainbow paper straws
  • Gold ribbon
  • Double Foam Tape
  • Clear glue

How To Make

This paper craft is easy to do and cute for the Saint Patrick’s Day decoration. Follow these easy steps on how to do DIY Lucky Shamrock Sign Paper Craft :

1 . I recycle a calendar paper and cut it as a base for the shamrock sign. I cut it in a length of 24 paper straws times half length of a straw plus a little mountain as a base to the shamrocks.

2. Cut all straws into two. I used 8 colors of straws; pink, red, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. I used 3 cut-straws on each color. So, the total is 24 straws (half straw), from 8 different colors. Glue one by one. Try to arrange pop-out color to less pop-out color, side by side.

3. Now, cut a rectangle shape along the mountain to raise the shamrock by pasting a foam tape. But before, cut green crepe paper in lucky shamrock shape.

4. Then you paste it one by one until it looks lush and pretty.

5. Make letters L, u, c, k, y by using a white card paper. Paste it one the middle of the rainbow straws by using foam tape.

6. Add some blings to add some shines by appling gold ribbon as a hanger and on the front rainbow straws. Don’t forget to add a little gold ribbon bow in the middle. Cute!

Easy paper craft to do with your kids for the Saint Patrick’s decoration. Cheap and easy to find material, just perfect for simple lucky shamrock craft. The lucky shamrock, the rainbow straws and the gold ribbon are complete elements for the Saint Patrick’s Day. Happy crafting!

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