DIY Valentine’s Gift Pink Container With Initial

Valentine’s Day is a month to come, it’s time to think about our loved ones. A loving thought that is best being expressed in a tangible thing, a Valentine’s Day Gift! Yes, and I have an idea for a little cute gift for Valentine; A DIY Valentine’s Gift Pink Container With Initial. This glittery pink container is great for Valentine’s Day gift. You can fill it with sweets, cute hair clips, some mini cosmetics, anything! And of course the initial is the initial of your loved one’s name. More great news is that the Valentine’s container is super easy to make. Let see my tutorial!

Things To Prepare

Like always, I use things that I can find on my craft supplies. I don’t intentionally buy new supplies unless it’s an essential part of my project that I don’t have. Let’s see what are the list supplies which were used to make this DIY Valentine’s Gift Pink Container With Initial :

  • Small Pringles can
  • Pink pattern paper wrap (mine is with Robin and flowers pattern)
  • Pink glitter craft foam
  • Pink ribbon
  • A white drawer knob plus a screw
  • Clear glue and paper glue

How To Make

To show how much we love our loved ones, an adorable pink glittery container with sweets or any cute mini gifts will definitely showers them with love. Anyway, just follow these easy steps on how to do DIY Valentine’s Gift Pink Container With Initial :

1 . Prepare a small Pringles can or any other similar can that you have with a lid. Make sure it’s cleaned. Unless you want to give a Pringles as a gift, then you can skip the cleaning part.

2. Cut the paper wrapper to the size of the can and then glue it to wrap the Pringles can. I chose the part where the paper has a Robin bird on it.

3. Next is to cut a pink glitter craft foam to cover the lid and cut out an initial. Be careful with the initial, don’t draw it on the wrong direction.

4. Now, after you paste the glitter pink circle and an initial to the wrapped can, it’s time for you to install a cute knob on the lid. Use a small screw to secure it.

5. Lastly, get some pink ribbon and wrap around the side of the lid. It’s a great finish for the lid to look better. Finished!

It’s your choice to send a can of Pringles with my decoration idea or use this empty decorated Pringles can as a container to your other mini gifts or sweets for Valentine’s Day. Whichever makes your loved ones happy, that one will surely the best to choose. Above all, this cute valentine’s gift container will steel any girl’s heart.

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