DIY Cactus Painted Rocks

Weeks ago I did Fun Summer Activity For Kids which is Rock Painting and I was painting fruit rocks with my kid. It was fun to spend time with your kid in doing something together and my kid was happy to play with colors and brush. Since I enjoy the rock painting project so much, I did another rock painting again, This time is DIY Cactus Painted Rocks. Super cute! Okay, I’m so excited to share with you all my steps in painting those small rocks into adorable cacti. Let’s find out more!

Things To Prepare

I save some rocks to paint with from my last fruit rock painting. Maybe some of you have rock collection and I guess now it’s your time to give a new look to your rock collection. Let’s see what are the complete super short list supplies that are used to make this DIY Cactus Painted Rocks :

  • White rocks (choose long and bulky or round-bulky rocks. If you have black or other color rocks, paint it in white first as the base color.)
  • Acrylic paint (white, green, yellow, red)
  • Tooth picks and paint brush
  • Glue

How To Make

Rock painting looks pretty simple and easy, but it takes some patience and tricks to do it in a faster way. Follow these easy steps on how to make DIY Cactus Painted Rocks :

1 . Make sure your rocks are cleaned. If your rocks are not white rocks, paint it into white first. Mine are white rocks. Choose some long-bulky rocks and some round-bulky rocks for cactus variation.

2 .Prepare your paint and a big bowl of clean water. The water is to wash the color away from the brush every time you need to change color. I also use large paper to protect my floor from the paint, it’s going to be a bit messy.

3. I started with green paint. I have prepared green and lighter green (use white to lighter the color you want by mixing it). I painted some rocks with green and some others with lighter green. Let it dry.

4. Get a toothpick and use it to give a white paint dots, row by row. Other may just in random dots. Get another toothpick and this time use darker green to make dots. followed by yellowish green dots. In that way, you will get different looks on your cactus rocks. Let it dry.

5. Now take small rocks and paint them in orange (mix red with yellow paint), red and pink (mix white with red).

6. And last is to glue the small colorful rocks to the green cactus rock as flowers. Let it dry and you are finished with the cacti rocks! Yay! Take a cute vase and arrange them. Super adorable!

The awesome thing about painting some rocks into cacti is not just about fun painting but you get a vase of mixed flowery cacti that you can use for decoration without ever having to water it and you can keep it inside a room with no sunshine forever! How cool is that?!

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