DIY Plant Label Tag for Mini Cacti

Summer is exciting time to show off your cacti and succulent collection. To make a perfect appearance of your lush cacti and succulents, try my idea of easy DIY label tag. It’s super easy to make, recycling plastic container and looks supper cute and summery. Just perfect for Summer cacti show at home. Now, let me share with you all the materials you need to prepared and how to make a DIY Plant Label Tag for Mini Cacti.

Things To Prepare

My plant label tag is a great way of reducing plastic waste that we have at home. I used a plastic box container which is a thin hard plastic, so it’s perfect for the tag. It’s easier to cut because it’s thin but durable enough because it’s a hard plastic. and the best thing is the color, so it won’t need a paint job. But you can always use transparent plastic if you don’t have the colored one but that means you have to paint it with your preferred color. Let’s see what are the complete super short list supplies that are used to make this DIY Plant Label Tag for Mini Cacti :

  • Plastic container (mine is yellow, you can use other colors that you favor)
  • Black ribbon
  • Foam double tape
  • Black marker

How To Make

For me, a DIY plant label tag should be easy to make as you definitely will make a lot of them to name your cacti collection. That’s why my plant tag label is super easy and simple to make. Follow these easy steps on how to make DIY Plant Label Tag for Mini Cacti and you know I’m right :

1 . I cut my plastic container into circles of 2 inches diameter. Mine is yellow, I love it, it matches my cacti on Summer theme.

2. Cut two stripes on top area of the plastic circle. These cutting is for inserting the ribbon.

3 .Then of course take the ribbon and insert it in the yellow circle tag. I like to match the yellow tag with the black ribbon, it looks good together, very contrast. Get a black marker and label the cacti or succulent. I only write down the genus name. It’s too long

4. Take a foam double tape and paste it on the tag to glue it on the cacti vase. Then, use the ribbon to tie around the vase. The double tape is to secure the tag while you tie the ribbon and it will hold the tag nicely.

I mixed my mini cacti with my succulents using the same label tag and label it with the genus name only. I think it looks cute with the wording. the label tag looks great for the both cacti and succulents. I really love recycling a plastic container into these label tags for my cacti and succulents, so I might going to make more with different styles. How about you?

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