Easy DIY Carrots

Right after welcoming Spring, Easter is coming soon. Remember my felt flowers I did a couple of weeks ago? I used my felt stash and I have a little piece of orange felt too. I think with its vibrant color, it would look great as carrots. From there, I think of making a spring carrots out of orange felt. It looks so cute as tiny carrots.

My felt carrots are super easy to make and quick too! You don’t even need a sewing skill to make these little carrots, you just need to have a needle and some orange thread. You can make this cute springy carrots for decorations like Easter bunting, Easter wreath, or many other Spring and Easter decorations. Anyway, all supplies that you need to prepare for this easy Easter DIY are super simple and short list. Let’s find out more!

Things To Prepare

Basically, it takes you only 4 simple things to make these cute Easter carrots. The size is up to you as how big you felt is, but I personally like the tiny carrot, it’s cuter. Anyway, let’s see what are the short list supplies used to make this EasyDIY Carrots :

  • Orange felt
  • Green ribbon
  • Needle and a matching color thread

How To Make

It’s easy to make, so you can make lots of them and use it for decorating other projects. Now, gather all the supplies which I’ve mentioned above and follow these easy steps on how to make Easy DIY Carrots :

1 . First, determine the size of carrots that you want or need to make. From there, you can decide the width and the length of the felt that you are going to use. Mine was around 1/2-3/4 inch width and the length was about 10 inches. It can make 2-3 inches long carrots.

2. Cut the orange felt in your desired dimension, then bend it from left to right, then right to left, over and over like a two-dimensional spring (zig-zag).

3 .Hold the spring shape and insert a thread with needle, start from the bottom carrot to the head of carrot. Fix the carrot shape, decide the length you want from your carrot by adjusting the springy felt.

4. Finish the carrot off with green ribbon on top which you have prepared before in a bow. Secure it by continue inserting the thread and tie a knot at the end of it. I left the thread longer to make a hanger, so I can hang my cute little carrots. Finished!

Super easy and quick way to make some Easter carrots decoration from leftover felt. You can use them for bouquets, wreaths, decorations and many more. Have fun with the cutie carrots!

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14 thoughts on “Easy DIY Carrots”

  1. Super CUTE and they look easy to make, Mel. We will be featuring you over at the Creative Crafts Linky Party starting Wednesday, April 6th. Have a great week! Creatively, Beth


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