Ten Plus Most Viewed Posts of 2021

I used to compile ten most posts without categorizing them, but this year I have to narrow it down into mostly DIY categories, meaning without free printables posts, since my monthly calendar printables are mostly wanted posts. Therefor, for this year, let me present you with my Ten Plus Most Viewed DIY Posts of 2021. Why Ten plus? Well, it’s because I have one particular post which always stay in first place for most viewed post from year to year, three years in the row! That is why this time, as a plus to the ten most viewed DIY posts along 2021; I honor the post as Of All Time Post.

Of All Time Post

How To Make Skeleton Leaves Without Chemical

This tutorial post on how to make a skeleton leaves in natural way without using any chemical is my old post. I don’t really like to use chemical if I don’t really have to. That is why I made this post for people who has a same way of thinking as mine.

Now, that I have presented the of all time post, now let’s go to the Ten Most Viewed Posts of 2021! Starting from the tenth to the first most viewed post.

Ten Most Viewed Posts of 2021

10. Best Furniture Ideas for 10×10 Feet Office Room and Kid’s Playroom From Ikea

I was inspired by IKEA’s product that is so simple and efficient. I think it’s perfect to fit a small space but can add more value and function to the room without leaving the aesthetic part of a room.

9. Lighthouse in Watercolor Hand Panting

This is one of my favorite painting of mine. I was using watercolor for this Lighthouse painting. I just love to see a lighthouse.

8. How To Make Coffee Bag Air Freshener For Easy Christmas Gift

I think this coffee bag is the easiest gift for anyone to use in anywhere. Everyone could use an air freshener and you can put it in your room, home, car, office, anywhere! So it’s a great collective gift you can prepare for Christmas.

7. How To Make Nautical Ornaments By Using Only Cotton Rope And Popsicle Sticks

Quick and easy to make, and only need some popsicle sticks and cotton rope to make these nautical ornaments. You can see the steps on how to make it.

6. DIY Among Us Craft

My Among Us craft is just perfect for kids craft activities. They love Among Us and they get to make craft which will be useful as a pencil holder. Find out what was I used to make these cool Among Us pencil holders from.

5. DIY Farmhouse Sign Wire Rack From Upcycling Fry Pan

Upcycling things that we usually have around our home is my favorite. I made this farmhouse sign wire rack from an old fry pan.

4. How To Make Wishing Wand For New Year

This is absolutely fun project especially for kids to do on New Year holiday. Yes, a wishing wand! Super cute ! And don’t worry, I always include the tutorial for you.

3. How To Make Your Home Naturally Smell Good With A Can Of Coffee Beans

At that time, I was just learned that coffee is a natural air freshener you can use at home, so I made this cute little coffee bean holder, filled it up with coffee beans, to make my home naturally smells good.

2. How To Make Faux IKEA Kids Wagon From Upcycling Cardboard Boxes

One of a favorite toy for any kid is surely a wagon. They can put their stuff and toys on it and drag them anywhere. And this is a faux wagon I made copying from IKEA’s. Interested? See the tutorial!

  1. DIY Spring Lace Tin Can Mug Flower Vase

Ah, this is one of my favorite and I guess, it’s also a favorite to my guests. A tin can mug flower vase that I made for Spring decoration. Beautiful and simple, just like the way I always love.

Well, I hope you enjoy, inspired and find my top plus most viewed post of 2021 useful. Let me know which one is your favorite!

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  1. You had some great posts throughout the last year! I love the nautical decor & my son still wants to make the Among Us cans lol. I’ve started a new link party, Crafty Creators, to replace Traffic Jam Weekend, and I hope you’ll come by and share there as well!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

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