DIY New Year’s Eve Hat

OMG! New Year’s Eve is less than a week! Have you prepared your New Year’s Eve Party supplies? Save some money and make your own New year’s party supplies, like what I did. I made a DIY New Year’s Eve Hat out of a tissue core! Yes, a tissue core and a paper plate that I turned into a fancy gold New Year’s hat. It’s easy to do for your short New Year’s preparation.

A tissue core is so useful. Tissue cores are treasure to me. I don’t know when and what I can make out of them. I have made a lot of tissue core projects where I turned it into many different things with many different uses and looks. It’s so fun and such a great feeling if you can turn the tissue core “trash” into something new and useful and of course pretty. Just like this New Year’s Eve Hat.

Things To Prepare

I think it would be easy for you to prepare a tissue core and a small paper plate at home. The other gold supplies can be easily replaced with whatever gold supplies you have. Like for example; my gold starry tape can be replaced with a gold ribbon. Be creative with the hat’s decoration. Anyway, let’s see what I use to make this DIY New Year’s Eve Hat:

  • Tissue core
  • Gold starry tape
  • Gold glittered origami paper
  • Gold paper wrap
  • Gold paper plate
  • Black thin ribbon
  • Black drawing pen
  • Stapler
  • Clear glue

How To Make

It’s easy and quick to make my gold New Year’s Hat. It’s like wrapping some presents, because you just cut and paste mostly. Now, gather all the supplies I’ve mentioned above and follow these easy steps on how to make DIY New Year’s Eve Hat :

1 . Have a gold paper wrap and use it to wrap the tissue core and also cover one of the hole. Secure it with clear glue. Set aside to dry.

2 .Take a paper plate and wrap it too with gold paper. Mine was already gold on one side, so I just need to wrap the bottom side of the paper plate with gold paper. Glue it and let it dry.

3. Cut a black ribbon or you can also use gold ribbon and staple it to the bottom of the wrapped paper plate. Then cover it with more gold paper. You can use the ribbon to tie the cute New Year’s hat onto your head. And it’s best to wear it on one side of your head, not in the center.

4. Now put together the wrapped tissue core and the gold paper plate with glue.

5. Now, while waiting for the hat to dry and firm; take a glittered origami paper and cut it into a tiny sign. Write Happy New Year on it. If you want to add the year 2022, it’s up to you, but I prefer not so that I can use it again next year. Yes, cheap! Lol!

6. Apply the starry gold tape around the top of the tissue core hat and also at the bottom. But not to low, spare some space from the bottom.

7. Now, glue the Happy New Year sign in front of the hat, on top of the starry bottom tape. And it’s done!

How cute and elegant this New Year’s Eve Hat. Who would have thought this gold fancy hat was coming from a tissue core and a paper plate. So, what are you waiting for? Gather all tissue cores and paper plates at home and start making this gold New Year’s Eve hat for all your family. Isn’t that fun? You can check out my other New Year’s DIYs. Happy New Year crafting!

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