DIY Spring Potted Plant Sign

Still enjoying Spring? Still decorating your home for Spring and try to have it relate to coming Summer? Maybe you should try using some decorations that can match either Spring or Summer. A green blooming plant would do great to represent both Spring and Summer. That is why I created this DIY Spring Potted Plant Sign.

This Spring sign is super easy to make. It takes a little time to do too. So it’s a great Spring project for those who’s already busy juggling with everyday activities but have a yearning to do some DIY decorations. Let’s start with the things to prepare which followed with steps to make it. I’m sure anyone can do it right by following these simple steps.

Things To Prepare

This is a very easy and quick Spring sign to make. It’s even greater with only less supplies involved. I even re-purpose my old desk calendar for this spring DIY. Okay, here are the short list of items that I used to make my Spring Potted Plant Sign:

  • A black plank (I use an old desk calendar cardboard, you can use wooden plank as well)
  • Green craft foam
  • White marker
  • UHU Glue

How To Make

My Spring Potted Plant Sign is not just convenient in supplies but very quick and simple in process too. Only a few steps and you can finish a green spring sign right away. Therefor, here are the list for making this cute potted plant :

1 .Have your black plank media in square shape.

2 .Draw a white pot by using white marker.

3 .Now, cut the green craft foam into a shape of leaves in 8-10 different sizes.

4 .Glue the craft foam leaves one by one and arrange it nicely.

5 .And for a final touch, draw a white line to frame the potted plant sign.

Super simple DIY Spring you can make in no time. It doesn’t need a high skill in crafting to make this little potted plant sign, so anyone can do it.

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See you!

Hello Creative Spring!



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