Easy DIY Mother’s Day Card Anyone Can Do

A Mother’s Day DIY gift has already prepared, however, a Mother’s Day without a card felt incomplete. And Mother’s Day is just a week to go, so you probably think you wouldn’t have time to make any special handmade card for your Mom. Here I have an idea, a very easy DIY Mother’s Day Card that anyone can do, even kids can make. And it does look fabulous too!

I used recycled table calendar as the media. I like to work on black media, besides white. Black will really make anything on it pop! Especially when you pair a black with white, it will look super contrast. I chose flowers as the drawing and light it up with some gem stickers and finish it sweetly with a ribbon bow and a word “mom”.

Things To Prepare

This is a very easy and inexpensive Mother’s Day card project. A little time to make and only took a few things to make. Okay, here are the short list of items that I used to make my simple Mother’s Day card that anyone can do:

  • Black media for the card (mine was a recycled table calendar)
  • Gem stickers
  • Maroon ribbon
  • White marker
  • UHU Glue

How To Make

Quick and easy steps to make this DIY Mother’s Day gcard is very essential so that anyone can do, including kids. let me share you these easy and short steps to make my Easy DIY Card for Mother’s Day!

1 .First, I cut the table calendar black cardboard into a proper media for a card.

2 .Draw some little circles, five circles I did as the stamen. Followed by drawing the flower petals in sharp thin shapes like daisy flower. Use white marker for this.

3 .After finished with five flowers, draw the stalks.

4 .Now take the gems stickers and paste it on each of the flower.

5 .Lastly, add a ribbon bow. I used maroon ribbon. And don’t forget to draw a line to frame the card by using a white marker, then a “mom” writing. And you’re done!

Super easy DIY Mother’s Day Card anyone can do, right? So, Dads, daughters, even moms, bring along your kids and have them make the Mother’s Day card for your wife, moms or mom-daughter. If you want to make more Mother’s Day DIYs, you may want to check out my ideas below:

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