DIY Simple Mother’s Day Sweet Gift

Have you think of what to give your mom on Mother’s Day? I know it’s still weeks away, but time flies very fast, especially when you’re a busy bee. Planning a sweet gift for your mom is a wise thing to do and to prepare a Mother’s Day gift from now is even better. A mother’s day gift usually a very personal gift, something she would love of course and something you made by yourself would even add more meaning to the gift. I have this DIY simple Mother’s Day sweet gift that I like to share with you.

I made a decorated canister which I fill in with some chocolate that my Mom loves. I think it’s more personal than some purchased chocolates with a fancy box. Besides, our mom can re-use the canister to store her little things after she’s done with the chocolate. I decorate the canister with flowery look, which I think most moms love flowers and that’s including my mom. And she loves any shades of red, that’s why I chose maroon, which is the main color of the flower embroidery from my scrap fabrics. Let’s just go details on all things that I prepared to make this simple Mother’s Day sweet gift and how I made it.

Things To Prepare

This is a very easy and inexpensive Mother’s Day gift project. For that, it’s only takes less supplies to make it happen. And mostly are re-purposing things. Okay, here are the short list of items that I used to make my simple Mother’s Day gift:

  • Plastic canister (or glass canister), mine is
  • Maroon ribbon
  • Flowers embroidery (either scrap fabric or a brand new one will do great)
  • UHU Glue

How To Make

Less material and easy steps to make my DIY Mother’s Day gift is a great idea to personalized your Mother’s Day gift without consuming much time and money. You want to know how I did it? Well, let me share you these easy and short steps to make my sweet gift for Mother’s Day!

1 .First of all, make sure you have washed your canister and dry it.

2 .Take the embroidery flower pattern fabric and glue it around the canister. Position it on the middle height of the canister.

3 .Now, work with the canister cover by gluing a flower ribbon. Make the flower ribbon by tilting the maroon ribbon around the outer to the inner side of the cover in a circular flow.

4 .Your decorated canister for Mother’s day is finished but to add a finished touch, make a little card and tie it around the canister. Mine is saying “Best Mom”.

5 .Lastly, fill in some chocolate or maybe sweets that your mom loves. There you go, your DIY Mother’s Day gift is ready!

Super simple DIY gift but sweet enough to make your mom happy on Mother’s Day. I usually give my mom with DIY Mother’s Day gift, you may want to check out my ideas below:

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