DIY Spring Painted Poppy Sign

I don’t have time to paint a proper painting on a canvas since my kid’s online school has begun. So, I’ve been doing a little painting in different media most of the time. Just like what I did for this Spring wall sign. I painted some pink poppies on a rusty enamel cover. I love the natural rust on my old pale greenish yellow enamel cover. Actually I found it at my Mom’s storage. Funny, you can find treasure sometimes in a storage.

I chose pink poppy among many colors, because it’s not red which mostly represent sad of death, it’s also not blue which I find it beautiful but it will look pale for my spring sign, so I think a beautiful and cheerful pink would look fantastic to represent colorful spring season.

Things To Prepare

You can find other media to work with to have a similar look as my spring painted poppy sign. Get any rusty enamel of cooking or eating tools to work with. Enamel is perfect for painting as it has a smooth surface; then it can also turned rusty, so we can get the rustic style. My enamel cover has a depth on the back side, so I can hang it without a hanger addition. So, you can add a hanger if you can’t hang your enamel media on the wall. You can be creative with the hanger you are going to choose. And for the paint, I used several colors and a brush with a small sharp tip, which all can be found atΒ Michaels. Anyway, these are all the items I used to make my DIY Spring Painted Poppy Sign happened :

  • Old rusty enamel cover
  • Red acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Green acrylic paint
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Black permanent marker

How To Make

The tittle is DIY Spring Painted Poppy Sign, so yes, it’s all about painting works. Painting a poppy is as simple as the flower itself, but there’s something about poppy that really caught my eyes. I still don’t know what it is. Maybe because of its simplicity, a raw beauty. Well, that’s what I think, what about you? Well, I tried to explain step by step on how I paint these pink poppies.

1 .First of all, make sure you have washed your enamel media and dry it.

2 .Mix some paint. Mix white and red to get pink, have two to three shades of pink. Mix green with white to get two shades of green. Prepare your brown acrylic paint too. Don’t forget to leave white paint for adding some shades.

3 .I started out with lighter pink and paint four petals of poppy. I painted one of front view, the other one is a bit side look and the rest are the buds.

4 .Then I continue with darker pink to give shadows from inner to outer petals. Concentrated on the inner parts.

5 .Get some brown and paint the stamens, I did it by dotting my brush.

6 . Next is to use green in two shades to paint the stalks and buds. Let it dry and your Spring painting is finished!

7. Lastly, take a black permanent marker and write the word “SPRING” on top of the Spring sign. You are done with the painted poppy sign! I finished it in less than 10 minutes. You have to be quick anyway, if you use acrylic paint, as it will dry quite fast.

I never learn how to paint in a course or something, just autodidacts. So, maybe I don’t have fancy techniques to share, I just use my senses every time I paint. So it’s hard for me to explain in details; as for me, painting is coming from my heart, senses and feelings. But I really hope my explanation and those step by step pictures I gave, would help you paint beautiful pink poppy. This beautiful Spring Painted Poppy Sign with rustic enamel as the canvas, would look great for your farmhouse decor or even vintage shabby decor. Would that be great? Two styles decor in one plate.

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See you!

Hello Creative Spring!



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