Spring Painted Mug Vase

Spring is coming, how wonderful! Flowers will bloom, garden will be colorful and anything flowers will be a main inspiration for spring season decor. Recently, I just retired some of my used mugs. That’s why I did some upcycling mug projects before, now, and maybe more later. I have some mug stock waited to be born again. Well, this time I made a spring painted mug vase. for

For spring look, I chose flowers as the theme for my painted mug project. The ear mug is blue, so I though I need to paint some blue flowers to match it. And one of my most favorite blue flower is hydrangea. I just love to see hydrangeas, in all colors. They are just beautiful and elegant. And they can last quite long in a vase too. It’s actually super easy to paint hydrangea, let me share with you how I paint spring hydrangea on a mug.

Things To Prepare

It is totally painting work, so there aren’t many things to prepare. I used an old mug which already have scratches inside. And it was just a gift mug from some milk I bought. It has some wordings on the mug, but not in large area. So, it’s easier to cover it by small paintings. Anyway, here is a short list of supplies you need to have to paint a spring mug vase :

  • An old mug
  • Blue and white acrylic paint (you can also use enamel paint)
  • Green and white acrylic paint
  • Paint brush

How To Make

When I paint something, I usually forget to capture each steps. That’s because I drown in the painting moment until I forgot to take picture. So, you may find some picture steps are to advance, but I hope you still understand through my description below. Okay, let me explain on how I painted hydrangeas on my spring mug vase :

1 .Mix blue paint with white paint to get several blue shades. Then leave some white paint to be used as it is.

2 .I start it off by painting the wording area. My mug has 2 wording areas, so I have to paint two hydrangeas. I covered the wording by painting it with the darkest blue mixture. Paint it with small and short strokes, like patching up on something.

3 .Use lighter blue mixture paint and paint some petals randomly. Then add some darker blue to the inner petals. Lastly, get the white paint and put a tiny dot on the middle of the flower.

4 .And to paint the leaves, use the lightest green mixture of dark green and white. Paint a shape of hydrangea leaves on both sides. Paint a darker green on the inner side that close to the flower. Finish it off with white paint by painting the leaf skeleton. Let it sits for a while to get a perfect dried painting

If your mug is totally white, it would be easier, you can paint whatever color hydrangea that you like. And if your mug ear has pink color, you can paint pink hydrangeas. Just match it with whatever color mug that you have. Some mug has inner color which you can match with the color hydrangea that you’re going to paint.

And at last, I added plastic hydrangea, since I don’t have cut hydrangeas right now. And it’s still look pretty after all. Actually this spring painted mug vase is a multifunctional mug, you can use it as any other holders that meets your need.

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See you!

Spring creativity!



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  1. So pretty and with a good tutorial. We will feature your post on the next Blogger’s Pit Stop.
    BTW your twitter link to making a comment is not working.

    Kind regards, Kathleen

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