DIY 3D Shamrock

Saint Patrick’s Day is just a few weeks to come. Some of you may already busy preparing green at home. Stay in budget and lower it down by doing some DIYs and even some upcycled Saint Patrick decoration. And for that, I’m going to share my DIY 3D Shamrock from upcycling some seashells.

It’s an easy DIYs and very cheap too. Easy because the steps are less and easy to do; plus the main material is from upcycled seashells. save some seashells after you enjoy them in your meal and make it into a nice Saint Patrick’s clover. Well, as for me, I always keep different seashells I had after my shells meal. You don’t know when are you going to need them for your craft projects.

Things To Prepare

It is a list of craft supplies you can easily get or even have at home, sitting somewhere in your craft room. Like I always say, you can always substitute my material with things that you have but similar, just be creative with it. Especially this is an upcycled project, more upcycled supplies is better. By the way, things I used for my DIY 3D Shamrock are :

  • Three pairs of seashells
  • Green paint ( I used spray paint to get a smoother finish)
  • Green checkerboard ribbon
  • Green flower wire
  • Hot glue
  • A white mini pot with white gravels

How To Make

It is an easy upcycled seashells project for Saint Patrick’s Day decoration. A DIY 3D Shamrock in a cute little white pot. It goes great with minimalistic home decor. Okay, this is a step by step tutorial on how I made my DIY 3D Shamrock from seashells :

1 .Make sure you have clean your seashells before you use it for the project. Take a flower wire and bend it into two and leave a loop on top. The loop will be the area for the seashells to be put together and form a clover.

2 .Glue each pair of seashells on the wire loop and form a shamrock by using hot glue gun. Let it set for a while until it’s firm.

3 .Paint the seashells shamrock with green spray paint.

4 .Take a green checkerboard ribbon and tie a a bow with a shape of a lucky clover which means the shamrock ribbon should have four sides.

5. Take a white little pot and fill it with small white gravels. Take the seashell shamrock and insert it into the pot. And you’re done with your Saint Patrick’s Shamrock from seashell.

My DIY 3D Shamrock will also look fantastic in plain gold or even green and gold pattern. It will be your taste to decide or what color or pattern do you want to pair your Saint Patrick decor with this year. Let’s bring some luck into your home!

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See you!

Create your luck!



16 thoughts on “DIY 3D Shamrock”

  1. This idea is great! I live in the deep, deep South and oyster shells abound near me. I love upcycling and refabbing! I could get the other items from Dollar Tree. I think I have all of the other items, but if someone doesn’t spending a few dollars always makes a home decor project won’t break the bank. Thanks for being so creative!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, you can be extra creative with all the shells. Upcycling always fun, why not? Turning a trash into something beautiful even functional! Thank you so much Niki! Have fun with your shells project!


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