DIY Winter Upcycled Cabinet Door

When you have an old cabinet door with some little scratches or chips, don’t just end it on a trash bin, but please upcycle it. It can be something pretty for decoration yet functional new thing. Like I did with my old cabinet door. I painted the upcycled cabinet door and turn it into a multi-functional hanger decoration which look great for rustic winter look. You can hang anything on it and it goes perfectly with farmhouse decor.

This upcycled cabinet door is easy to make, but yes, you need to paint it in a such way to get a rustic winter look. But, hey you can paint it white and that’s cool enough for winter. Every cabinet door may be different, mine is plain with no texture, that’s why I painted it in pattern to give an illusion of texture. If your cabinet door is already full of texture, then you just need to paint it plain white or any other winter color. And if you want some rustic look, paint it effortlessly with bright color on top of darker color. Also, do a little scratch to have the worn out look. Okay, let’s just see what I need to prepare and how I upcycled a cabinet door into a DIY winter decoration hanger.

Things To Prepare

Any old cabinet door will do, big or small, you can use them. The rest of supplies you need to have are just paints and beautiful hanger. And to hang the cabinet door decoration, you can follow my easy method with burlap rope or install a pair of hanger at the back. Anyhow, let’s be clear on the list of the things I used for my DIY Winter Upcycled Cabinet Door :

  • Old cabinet door
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Hanger
  • Burlap rope

How To Make

You can be creative with the painting work, choose my style or any other style you like is up to you. Other than that, it’s just an easy upcycling project to make. Let me share a step by step on how I made my DIY Winter Upcycled Cabinet Door :

1 .Make sure your cabinet door surface is clean, before you start with the painting job.

2 .I start to paint randomly with dark grey paint which I have mixed some black and a dash of white paint.

3 .Continue painting the cabinet door with white paint, over and over until you got the right tone. Let it sit for a while until it’s dry.

4 .My cabinet has a vertical metal stick door knob, which I keep it that way. Then I add an antique looking hanger on top. I use my cabinet door in vertical way. I also keep the hinge to tie up my burlap rope.

5. Last step is to use a burlap rope as a hanger to hang the cabinet door on the wall. And now it is done!

After you finish it, you can hang the upcycled cabinet door on the wall and hang some other decoration like I did. I hang my Winter Wreath, Valentine Burlap Sign and a Valentine Heart Wire as shown on the pictures. Be creative with decoration that you are going to hang on the cabinet door hanger. The upcycled cabinet door can be a showcase for the theme you choose. Why don’t you give it a try and share with us what are you going to hang on the upcycled cabinet door.

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See you!

Be lovely creative!



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