DIY Valentine’s Gift Upcycled Mug

Valentine’s gift for men might be the toughest for a DIY Valentine’s gift. But I have an idea of cheap and easy Valentine’s gift for men. Cheap because it’s an upcycling DIY and easy because it was only took me some simple steps to make. It also works actually for men and women, because it’s a multi-purpose holder of upcycled mug that I made into a DIY Valentine’s Gift.

It can hold some cute heart pens, maybe brushes or anything on his or her working desk. The color is mature and has a simple look, great and work well with the rest of his or her stationeries on professional working station. Yes, professional, don’t you like the word? Anyway, find out more on supplies and tutorial for my DIY Valentine’s Gift Upcycled Mug for him or her.

Things To Prepare

This is an upcycled project, so you should find similar mug to work with. The mug patter can be anything, colorful patter, or solid color or even white plain mug. Once you’ve done with it, the pattern or the mug’s color will be focal point of this Valentine’s multipurpose holder. Don’t worry about ugly picture or pattern on your old mug; as you can see my mug has no beauty look on it, but after it’s finished…wow! Therefor, be more details, here are the list of 3 things I used for my DIY Valentine Valentine’s Gift From Upcycled Mug:

  • Old mug ( any color or pattern, as long as it’s not black )
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Black marker

How To Make

It is a simple and super easy DIY Valentine you can give him or her. You can draw a heart in different way you like. Make use of your creativity to make your Valentine gift more personal. Let me share step by step on how I made my Valentine’s Gift from re-purposing old mug :

1. Make sure your old mug is cleaned and free from oil. Draw a heart shape by using a black marker. Draw it in two outlines to have a heart shape with the mug’s color as the pattern of the heart. So the the two heart lines work as a frame. If you’re not fond of drawing, you can use a heart frame shape paper, stick it on the mug, then continue to the next step.

2. Paint the rest of the mug, only outer side of the mug with black acrylic paint. Leave it to dry. And it’s done! Can you believe it? As simple as that!

It is super quick and super easy to make. Super cheap tooo! Now, if you want to make your multi-purpose mug holder to be more interesting Valentine’s gift, add in some cute love stationeries or some love lollipops or even some chocolates in it and wrap it with clear plastic wrap with a Valentine’s gift tag and maybe a little red ribbon. Voila, DIY Valentine’s gift from upcycled mug is ready for him or for her!

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See you!

Be lovely creative!



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