DIY Valentine Burlap Sign

Preparing for Valentine’s day is fun and full of the feeling of love. It’s still weeks to go, but I really want to share one by one my Valentine’s day ideas. On today, I will start with the easiest Valentine decoration, which I made a DIY Valentine Burlap Sign. It’s nice to hang this Valentine cloth sign anywhere in your home. And it will look great with farmhouse Valentine theme.

I choose burlap to show some different look for usual Valentine which is pink and soft looking. Burlap is more rustic and full of texture. I made the Valentine burlap sign in white color and pair it with delicate white lace. Well, if you fond of farmhouse style or you are looking for something different for Valentine’s day decor, my DIY Valentine Burlap Sign would be a great inspiration.

Easy to make I can assure you and simple craft supplies that you need to prepare. So, it’s a quick DIY you can make together with your kids. scroll down more to get more details on the things you need to prepare and step by step tutorial for my DIY Valentine Sign from Burlap and Lace.

Things To Prepare

These are simple materials to use. Easy to find and inexpensive. I’m sure you will have fun with the 3d art glue paint; it’s a texture paint. If you don’t have or can not find the 3D art glue paint, you can use white hot glue. But it’s easier to work with 3D art glue paint, especially in lettering than using hot glue gun. Anyway, here are the things I used for my DIY Valentine Burlap Sign:

  • Burlap
  • White lace
  • UHU glue
  • 3D art glue paint in white color

How To Make

It is a simple and super easy cloth sign to make for Valentine decoration. You can write or draw the hearts in different way you like. Make use of your creativity to make it personal Valentine sign for you. Let me share step by step how I made my Valentine sign from burlap:

1. Cut some burlap in rectangle shape, the size is up to you, just remember to have it in 1:3 composition. It would look nice.

2. Glue a piece of white lace on top and bottom of the burlap sign. Let it dry.

3. Now write “Our” on top and followed by the drawing of heart shapes. Be creative with the heart shapes, the size, the amount and how you present the shape. All by using 3D art glue paint in white color. Let it sit for a while until it’s perfectly dry.

4. I have this side of burlap that I cut and used as the hanger for this Valentine sign. Secure it with glue. You can substitute it with burlap rope.

Easy and short steps to make a Valentine decoration that you can place it anywhere your home. You can hang it on your kitchen cabinets by making it more than one; or hang it in front of your doors at home; or hang it on your mantel, anywhere you like. My DIY burlap sign will suit nicely with a farmhouse decor.

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See you!

Be lovely creative!



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