Super Easy DIY Christmas Ornament

Sometimes we get tired with our old Christmas ornaments and really wanted something new for our Christmas tree. Actually it’s not a problem if we just buy new Christmas ornaments, but it’s a problem if you may want to cut some budget on ornaments for Christmas decor. It would not be burden your Christmas expenses, if you just make your own ornaments from simple and inexpensive materials. I have an idea that may give you some inspiration for a super easy DIY Christmas ornament.

I make a Christmas ornament from a sparkling pipe cleaner with some snowflake decorations. It is super easy and quick to make. So, you can make lots of them in no time and your kids can also help with this fun Christmas crafts. Make them in all same colors or make them in many different colors, all are up to you. Just choose the sparkling pipe cleaner colors that match your Christmas theme color. Okay, let me share with you all the supplies you need to prepare and how to make this easy and quick Christmas ornament.

Things To Prepare

This easy Christmas ornament is made from easy supplies too. I guess all of you who love craft work are familiar with pipe cleaner. It has in many colors, some like wool some like sparkling papers. And for my Christmas snowflake ornament, I use sparkling silver pipe cleaner. Here are the complete short list of supplies you need to prepare for this super easy Christmas DIY:

  • Sparkling pipe cleaner (choices of colors are up to you, mine is silver)
  • Silver snowflake decorations
  • Hot glue
  • A string (color is to match the pipe cleaner color)

How To Make

It takes around five minutes to make this Christmas ornament, so you can make dozens of it in one day. You can use it for your own tree or as a Christmas gift to your loved ones. Here are the easy steps to make my DIY Christmas ornament :

  1. Take a pipe cleaner and cut it into four equally.

2. Arrange the four cuts of pipe cleaner into a snowflake shape and then secure the middle of the snowflake on the back and front with hot glue.

3. While the front hot glue is still hot, paste it with snowflake decoration.

4. Paste also all the tip of the snowflake with some mini snowflake decoration by using hot glue.

5. Take a string and use it as a hanger for the snowflake ornament. And finish!

Very easy, super quick and fun to do, right? You can change the sparkling pipe cleaner with regular ones and you can also change the mini snowflake decorations with other mini decorations. It’s all up to your creativity to play with the look of the Christmas ornaments you want to make by using pipe cleaners. Have fun with the Christmas ornament project!

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See you!

Welcome creative December!



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