DIY Thanksgiving Decoration

Pumpkins are just great element for entire fall decoration until you reach Thanksgiving. I made a DIY Thanksgiving Decoration by presenting a silhouette of a gold pumpkin with “blessed” as the sentiment. It is a painted Thanksgiving sign with a simple painting job. I have the pumpkin decoration in a white and gold color scheme with will be perfect for fall to winter transition decoration. Let’s find out more of things to prepare and how to make the DIY Thanksgiving decoration of a pumpkin sign.

Things To Prepare

I just love to play with any white media, and if it’s not white, I would paint it white. And this material I used, happens to be white, without needing white paint which is great for me. It’s a PVC board that I have in small cuts. I have some at my storage, so I used it to make some decorations instead of buying some new wooden plank. I also used the PVC board for some of my previous projects, like Black and White Halloween Sign and Coastal Coasters. Back to my pumpkin sign for Thanksgiving decoration, here are a few things I used to make the Thanksgiving blessed sign :

  • White PVC board
  • Black marker
  • Gold paint or gold marker

How To Make

This simple gold pumpkin decoration is an easy painted Thanksgiving sign. It’s just a mix of an abstract painting of a pumpkin and a “blessed’ wording. The steps are just painting steps. Anyway. here are the points on how I made the DIY Thanksgiving decoration:

  1. Cut a square shape of a white panel, I used white PVC board with 10×10 inches dimension.
  2. Paint a pumpkin in abstract look with gold paint or simply use a gold marker. Let it dry before you continue to next step.
  3. Write a word “blessed” in the middle of the pumpkin by using a black marker. Wait until it’s dry and you can use the gold pumpkin sign as a Thanksgiving decoration right away.

The steps are easy and the supplies used for my DIY Thanksgiving decoration are easy and simple. Grab your brush or marker to make your own abstract pumpkin and a Thanksgiving sentiment and you can show it off during the Thanksgiving dinner celebration.

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See you!

Welcome creative November!



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