DIY Halloween Spider Bucket

Halloween is just in days; my kid is already excited to wear costume and having trick or treat. But yeah, I think I would ask my kid to knock on our bedroom door to play trick or treat. Yup, indoor trick or treat. Anyway, it would be no fun for a trick or treat if your kid doesn’t have a cool, spooky but cute Halloween bucket. Well, you might like my Halloween spider bucket for a Halloween treat bucket idea.

It’s a simple Halloween bucket that your kid would like. It’s not plain black and white spider bucket but I gave a little pop glittered color for its little crawling feet. It would attract kids more than just a creepy black spider. It’s easy and quick to make, moreover, you would only need some common craft supplies and even recycled material to make my Halloween Spider Bucket for trick or treat fun. Let’s learn more on how I make this easy Halloween diy bucket and supplies to prepare.

Things To Prepare

Easy Halloween craft to entertain your kids is just perfect, because you can make it together with your kids and have fun at the same time. Some simple supplies are needed for this DIY Halloween Spider Bucket, therefor you need to prepare some of these items below:

  • Paper bowl (used paper bowl is okay, as long as it’s clean) or tin can will do too.
  • Black paint (for paper bowl, you can use poster paint, watercolor paint or acrylic paint or even spray paint)
  • White paint
  • White paper card
  • Black paper card (you can substitute it with painted white paper card, just simply use black marker to paint it black)
  • Red glittered pipe cleaner
  • Hot glue

How To Make

It’s great to spend a little time to work on a fun craft with your kids. It would be a great deal to your kids and a wonderful memory to be kept. So, ask your kids to make this Halloween Spider Bucket together and and have fun doing it, because it’s so easy and the result is just too cute. Let me show you all the steps on how to make a spider treat bucket for Halloween :

  1. Paint the paper bowl with black paint. Leave it until dry.
  2. Cut 2 big white circles for the outer eyes and 2 smaller black circles for inner eyes from card paper or just any simply plain paper you have. Paste each pair of circles together to form a pair of eyes. Paste the two eyes on the black painted paper bowl
  3. For the bucket’s handle; I made a spider web look-a-like handle from hot glue and have it painted white. Form a spider web ribbon with hot glue on a greasy smooth surface (you can apply some lotion on a glass surface), let it settle for a while then you can paint it white. Or it’s easier if you have white hot glue, then you can skip the painting job. You can check for other project I’ve made from hot glue, there is a Christmas ornaments from hot glue for this Christmas diy ideas.
  4. Cut a red sparkle pipe cleaner into three. Have six of it to make a spider’s legs. Poke three holes on the left and right of the bucket with spaces between each of them. Insert each of the sparkle hairy legs into the hole and secure it with hot glue from inside of the box. Don’t forget to bent the spider’s legs a little to have it look like a spider’s legs.
  5. Now the last steps is to take the dried spider web handle and paste it on each of the inner side of the Halloween trick or treat bucket. Wait until it’s dried and firmed before you try to lift up the Halloween bucket by using the handle. There you go, your spider bucket is ready!

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, once you try it yourself, you’ll be surprised to learn that my DIY Halloween Spider Bucket is easy and quick to make. It’s also inexpensive to make, so if you have many kids at home, you can make a lot of spider buckets for trick or treat fun. Come on, gather all your craft supplies, bring along your kids and start making this cute spider Halloween bucket!

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See you!

Welcome creative October!



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