How To Make Coastal Coasters

Enjoying a nice summer afternoon, would take more than just some nice fresh lemonade, but also some pretty decoration on your patio table to push up your happy sunny mood. Coasters is on of a pretty functional decoration you can have to spice up your lemonade experience. And my coastal coasters would be a great diy summer to make and enjoy.

I made this coastal coasters in only less than an hour. It’s super easy and fast summer DIY you can make to add more of your nautical decoration collection. And the material I used is a cheap and leftovers material that is easily cut. I used a pvc ceiling panels that I found on my storage, it’s a leftover that came in small pieces, but I still can manage to get a size of a coaster.

Things To Prepare

I think you can replace the pvc panels with maybe small tile or any other material you can find around your house. It’s all you need to have to make this DIY Coastal Coasters. The rest are just some paints. Here are the short list of my coastal coasters project:

  • PVC Ceiling panels (leftovers in small pieces)
  • Blue acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint

How To Make

It’s a super easy and quick coaster to make, a little painting job but do not need a master of painting. It’s just a little pattern painting of an ocean, that’s all! Anyway, here are the short steps to make this coastal coasters for summer DIY :

  1. I cut the pvc panels in 4×4 inches (10×10 cms) and have it clean.
  2. Mix the blue paint with a litlle white paint to get your desired light blue color.
  3. Paint the first blank pvc coaster with a horizontal wavy pattern, then the second one with horizontal ocean wave, pointy wave and the third one with diagonal small wavy pattern. Stroke your brush one time only, and followed by next wave, don’t overlap it. Actually it depends on your creativity to come out with different kind of wavy pattern.h Let it dry. Finished!

Don’t you just love easy and quick DIY? These Coastal Coaster would do great for nautical summer theme decor. The advantage of having some pretty coasters on your table would not only serves as a coaster, but also as decoration ornaments on your table. It’s like a functional accessories. For that, be more creative and explore more oceanic pattern to make this coastal coasters and enjoy it with your lemonade on a sunny summer afternoon.

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