DIY Coastal Farmhouse Vase

It’s summer and farmhouse style is very much liked nowadays. As for that, I try to blend two elements in my vase which are farmhouse and coastal; the coastal is to represent a summer look. It’s an upcycled project actually, but mixed with new supplies. It’s an easy summer DIY to brighten up your summer decor. Read more to find out how I made this DIY Coastal Farmhouse Vase.

This unique vase is scream for farmhouse look; as you can see, I used old and new elements, altogether to make the coastal farmhouse vase. Old elements were coming from a used can and a seashell. The rest are common supplies for craft projects which I’m sure you have it on your craft supplies stash. And for beginners, you can easily get the supplies needed at craft shop. Let’s see how easy I made this coastal farmhouse vase from popsicle sticks and used can.


Things To Prepare

Don’t waste any seashells every time you cook or order any seashells meals. Just wash it, keep it dry and you can save it for any craft you want, especially coastal or nautical style project. There are only common craft supplies needed for this summer diy. Here are the things which you need to prepare:

  • Used can
  • Jute rope
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Seashell
  • cotton rope
  • White paint
  • Hot glue


How To Make

I have lots of ice sticks because to me, I can make many things from it. You can check my popsicle sticks / ice sticks creations to find out tons of things you can make with it. Anyway, steps to make my coastal farmhouse vase is super easy. Carefully read my tutorial, watch the pictures and give it a try! These are the steps:

  1. Glue ice stick one by one to the inner can by using hot glue. Don’t forget to clean and dry the used can before you start gluing.
  2. Paint the can and the glued ice sticks with white paint. Leave it dry.
  3. Add some cotton rope around the gap between the can and the ice sticks row.
  4. Take some jute rope and circle the vase three times and end it with seashell in the middle. Secure it with hot glue. Let it dry. And finished!


Can you believe it? It took me four simple steps to make this DIY coastal farmhouse vase. Great summer vase to complete your coastal farmhouse decor. You can actually use it to place some fresh flowers because the base is can, so you can add some water up to the height of the can to keep the flowers alive. I gave some fresh flower of white rose moss, it looks so humble and pretty, just perfect for farmhouse spirit. And the great thing about this nautical look vase is that you can use it not just as a coastal vase but also as a multi-purpose holder.

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14 thoughts on “DIY Coastal Farmhouse Vase”

  1. Really funky idea! I love the look of this too, that relaxed shabby chic kind of vibe that could work well with lots of decor styles and give a room a little refresh. xx


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