DIY Pistachio Shells Sunflower

I have been saving some pistachio shells for quite sometimes, at first I want to make some lavenders but the spring has past before I get a chance to make one, and now it’s summer! Yes, sunflowers as the flower of summer is as easy as making lavender from pistachio shells. I promise you, making this DIY Pistachio Shells Sunflower is as simple as it looks.

I try to make a very simple and not too close to realistic sunflowers as I prefer to have a little abstract interpretation of the flower. That is why I did not make any leaves on the sunflowers either. The sunflowers can be slip in on some flower pots or as decoration in pencil holders, or anything.


Things To Prepare

I did not make the pistachio shells sunflower with leaves, as I wanted to make it in more abstract than the realistic. That’s why I leave it that way. In that case, you won’t need that many supplies for this summer diy. Here are the things which you need to prepare:

  • Pistachio shells
  • Jute rope
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Flower stem wire
  • Hot glue


How To Make

It was only took me less than half an hour to make this pistachio sunflowers. And most of time spent was only to wait for the drying process of the hot glue and paint. Just follow these easy steps for DIY pistachio shells sunflower and I’m sure you will do an excellent job making it.

  1. First thing to do is to select the pistachio shells. Pick the flawless ones and separate them into the bigger ones and the smaller ones. Big ones are for the bottom petal and the small ones are for the top petals.
  2. Arrange the bottom petals of six and glue it with hot glue gun around the inner circle. Then add the top bottom petal one by one while the glue is still hot.
  3. Apply more hot glue to the inner sunflower. Take the jute rope and make a little swirl. Attach the swirled jute rope to center of the sunflowers. It would look like a disc flower of the sunflower.
  4. Wait until it’s dry. By the way, use a smooth surface as a base to do this gluing work, maybe on a marble or granite base. After it’s dried, take off the sunflower and attach the back of it with a flower stem wire. Let dry and firm.
  5. Next is to do some painting job to the sunflower petals. Use lemon yellow acrylic paint to get a vibrant looking yellow. Paint the petals evenly and let it dry. Finished!


Okay, easy to make as I’ve promised right? Cute sunflowers from pistachio shells is great for your summer decoration. And I think I nee to make a cute pot for these cute sunflowers. Well, we’ll see about that, just wait for my next idea!

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See you!

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