DIY Red Blue And White Sequin Bottle Decoration

Celebration of 4th of July is less than 2 weeks now, most of you must be preparing some red blue and white decor at your home. Maybe my simple idea of DIY Red Blue White Sequin Bottle decoration can add to your 4th July decor. It is aan easy and quick DIY you can make and at the same time, a great upcycling project.

I made the sequin painted bottle decoration from used glass bottle with a slim shape. I added some snowflakes sequins of red and silver to the blue painted bottle to get patriotic colors and more festive look; a little bling for celebration. You can use a ny shapes of sequin that you like or have at home. To be more clear, you can run down the things you need to prepare and how to make the DIY Red Blue And White Sequin Bottle Decoration for 4th July celebration on below.


Things To Prepare

Any upcycled glass bottle would be great to be used for this 4th July decoration. Here are the short list of supplies you need to prepare:

  • Glass bottle
  • Red and silver sequins. ( I used any sequins I have, which are snowflake shape)
  • Blue paint
  • Glue


How To Make

It is super easy DIY for 4th July celebration,  you can make this painted bottle in red blue and white in last minutes.. So, here are the step to step tutorial for the red blue white sequin painted bottle :

  1. Make sure the glass bottle is cleaned properly. Free of oil and debris.
  2. Paint the bottle with blue spray paint. Leave it dry.
  3. Glue the red sequins from the bottom and top of the bottle and then followed by the silver sequins. Let it dry.


DIY Red Blue and White Sequin Bottle is just perfect for last minute decor and it can also be used for daily decor too, not just for 4th July celebration. It’s an easy DIY even for your kids to help you with the sequin bottle decoration. Well, have fun with the sequins and decoring your 4th of July home decor!

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5 thoughts on “DIY Red Blue And White Sequin Bottle Decoration”

  1. Such a fun way to decorate the bottle for 4th July celebrations! The sparkle and glitz certainly matches the occasion – beautiful 😀. Wishing you a wonderful week! Take care! Hugs Jo x


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