DIY Spring Sign For Wall Decor

I had kept a defective wooden sign I bought in sale at Daiso for quite a time. I was planning to use it as a sign, but give it a totally different look. Since the old sign has already have a burlap rope as the hanger, it became easier for me to only transform the look. Since the Spring is still linger, I made a DIY Spring Sign that would look great for Wall Decor or just as a mantel decor.

I painted a bouquet of aster tied in a simple rope. I love to see some aster hanging on my wall; it calms me. It looks so serene with its lavender color, no wonder aster means patience; but some others said it is a flower of love and wisdom. It’s a simple humble looking flower with its own beauty. And it’s a symbol flower of September. However, I painted the aster with acrylic paint. Let’s find out how I make this simple DIY with a little painting job involved.


Things To Prepare

It’s a make over project actually, because I turned a flawed sign into a new painted Spring sign. And here is the list of the supplies I used for this Spring sign DIY.

  •  Defective wooden sign (an old sign would do too)
  • White spray paint
  • Acrylic paints (white, yellow, blue, green and red)
  • Black marker


How To Make

It’s mostly a painting job and you can replace the painting part by doing a decoupage. Anyway, let me show you the steps I made when I was making this DIY Spring Sign.

  1. I spray painted the half-price sign in white and wait for it to dry.
  2. Mix the paint to get the desired colors.
  3. I started to paint the petals of each aster blossom first and then added the yellow stamen.
  4. I painted the flower stalks, leaves and finish it off with a simple red string tied in bow.
  5. And last but not least, write the word “Spring” on the bottom of the aster black marker. Finished!


It’s an easy spring sign to make for those who familiar with painting works. It’s just a simple painting of aster to mark a very calm spring. So, I hope you enjoy my DIY Spring Sign For Wall Decor and maybe inspired to make your own version. Have a fun creative spring sign project to do!

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See you!

Be safe and creative!



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