DIY Pin Cushion With Storage For Mother’s Day Gift – No Sewing

Hello everyone! Mother’s Day is another two weeks, have you prepare anything as a gift to your mom? A special handmade gift perhaps? Let me share an idea of mine of handmade Mother’s Day gift I made for my mom. Since my mom love to sew, I made her DIY Pin Cushion With Storage For Mother’s Day Gift and I promise you no sewing work!

It’s easy and I used scraps I found from the fabrics to the foam for cushion filling. Funny thing is I get all the scraps from my mom, except the container. I got the container from re-using a hair product plastic jar. I thought it can serves as a great container for small things, a sewing kit organizer. Then I thought of sewing kit, yes, with top lid as a pin cushion and inside container as a storage to sewing kit.


Things To Prepared

You can buy the fabrics online or just use scrap fabrics you can find at home. Just think creative to combine the fabric scraps you have. Okay, let’s run down the supplies I used to make this upcycling project of DIY Pin Cushion With Storage for Mother’s Day Gift

  • Plastic container or plastic jar
  • Sponge (mine is scrap sponge, that is why I have to put small pieces together)
  • Maroon fabric (any color is welcomed to replace it)
  • Maroon lace
  • Maroon ribbon
  • Pearl sticker
  • UHU Glue


How To Make

It’s a no sew fabric project so this Pin Cushion With Storage For Mother’s Day Gift is an easy DIY. Your only tool to make this pin holder is glue! Well, let me describe how I make this mother’s Day gift.

  1. Cut the maroon fabric into a rectangle that the length can cover enough the perimeter of the container. And the width is twice the height of the container.
  2. Circle the back of the fabric around the container and have it glued at the end.
  3. Flip over the fabric and you will see the front fabric is covering the container like a slip over.
  4. Arrange the fabric to form three folded tiers. Secure each folding with UHU glue.
  5. Take the sponge and cut it into circle that fits the lid cover. I double the sponge as my sponge is only 1/2 inch thick. Glue it onto the lid cover. The sponge is serve as a cushion to hold the sewing pins.
  6. Cut a circle fabric to cover the spongy lid cover. Fold the end of fabric to the cover and finish it with maroon ribbon.
  7. Cut maroon lace of the flower shape one by one and use it to decorate the container lid cover. Use some glue too.
  8. Add some tiny pearls to decorate the container’s tiered fabric. I used pearl sticker.


There are plenty of possibilities for you to explore with this pin cushion container. You can use your mom’s favorite colors, your mom’s favorite old dress fabric scraps or be experimental with the pin holder by using your creative mind. Easy and cheap DIY to make and perfect handmade Mother’s Day gift as you can find the supplies all around your home without having to go out and spend money to buy. So, you still can stay at home and be safe from Corona Virus but still able to creatively prepare a personal Mother’s Day gift to your mom who love to sew. And as I promised, this DIY Pin Cushion With Storage For Mother’s Day Gift is a no-sewing project. Anyway, have a great time making it!


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See you!

Stay safe, stay creative!



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