How To Organize Kid’s Toys In Quick And Easy DIY

With Corona pandemic all over the world, kids are forced to stay at home. They play a lot with their toys whole day and of course clutters was made. Moreover, you probably order more toys to keep your kids entertained at home. And that would add extra clutter to spaces in your home, especially the toys that comes in small pieces. And that is an additional stress to mommies, like me too! So, how to organize our little ones’s massive toys? So, with all the extra time but try to save money – mode and unable to go out whenever you wanted to; I made a quick and easy DIY organizer box to organize my kid’s toys.


Usually we have boxes of things we buy regularly, which comes in same sizes. Choose the box that big enough to you to organize your child’s toys. Mine was hard cardboard box with the size of six inches wide, seven inches long and nine inches height. And for me, that’s good enough to organize my kid’s Mega blocks, Legos, zombies toys and so on and on and on. I also keep used – wrapping papers that are still in good shape. True hoarder huh? I just couldn’t let something beautiful and took effort to made just ended up at the garbage can. Knowing you can re-purpose it into something more useful and pretty. For that, let’s get to supplies and how to make the toys box part.


Things To Prepared

You would only need a few basic craft supplies like glue and scissors and of course a couple of used-items to make this Kid’s Toys Organizer which is a quick and easy  DIY.

  • Used – cardboard box in your desired sizes (mine was 6x7x9 inches)
  • Used – gift wrapping papers (You can also use the new one)

For wrapping papers, try to use the colorful ones, and would be better with cute kiddy patterns, so your kids would love to see their toy boxes.


How To Make

It is as easy and quick as wrapping a simple gift box to make this toy organizer for your kids. Take a look at the pictures on how to make it and read this tutorial.

  1. Take your used- cardboard box, make sure it’s cleaned and cut the wings to have an open box shape.
  2. Get your cute and colorful wrapping paper and wrap the box and glue it. Make sure all outer surface is covered with extra paper for 1/4 of inner box’s covered and bottom’s covered too.
  3. Your kid’s toy box is ready! You just need to organize your kid’s toys inside the cute boxes and declutter your home!


Super quick and super easy to make and have your kid’s toys organized in super cheap way! I made the cute toy box in just 5 minutes, then I organized the toys very easily. And my kid loves the box too; and get so excited every time I made the new one. Well, want to try? You can even make this as you and your kids craft project; you can wrap the box and have your children to decorate it and go creative with it. How about that? More fun but useful activity to make at home with your kids? Of course; Have fun and happy organizing!

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9 thoughts on “How To Organize Kid’s Toys In Quick And Easy DIY”

  1. Now you just need to get your kids playing the ‘tidy up’ game and you’re all sorted! (Let me know how that goes! It’s one thing I don’t think I ever cracked as a parent and now it’s probably too late for my lot!)
    The boxes look great though and a fab upcycle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I ask my kid to tidy up very easily if he’s begging me to play with him, so I’m his reward for tidy up. It always works! lol Thank you so much, Julie!


  2. Great ideas. Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 15 for Crafts and DIY, open April 15 to 25. All entries shared on social media if share buttons installed. Won’t you check out my other link parties too?


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