DIY Easter Eggs From Polymer Clay For Kids Activity

I just found this polymer clay that my kid love to play with so much. The texture is different from usual clay, it’s more elastic and moist. So, it’s easier to form a figure and less messy to play with than the usual one. The great thing is, by the time it’s dry enough, it would be squishy but still maintaining its former form. And at the end it will as hard as a board foam without cracking. For that, your kids can keep them as toys, like mini figures and of course Easter Eggs. This polymer clay can be a great activity at home for you and your children to have fun with. I had some great times with kid making this DIY Easter Eggs From Polymer Clay.

The polymer clay is easy to work with, you can make any form with it. Your kids would love it, they can go super creative with it. The best things is that the clay itself has already colorful and you can make your own color by combining your desired colors together. So it’s perfect to make Easter Eggs out of this squishy polymer clay. You can even make them into some key chains besides squishy toys.


The Great Things About Polymer Clay

There are many things I like from this polymer clay, and those things are:

  1. The texture is elastic, moister and not easily disintegrated.
  2. Polymer clay is not messy to play with due to its texture.
  3. Once it’s harden enough, it will turn into squishy.
  4. You can keep your making as a toy because of the squishy-like texture and after days it will hard like a board foam.
  5. It doesn’t crack when it dries.
  6. The colors selections are soft and vibrant altogether and you can mix two or more colors to get a desired color.
  7. You can draw on the hardened polymer clay.

In this case, after I make the colorful eggs, I can decorate them with color pen. Isn’t that fun for kids? It is even fun for me!

Things To Prepared

You would only need to prepare two things to make this Easter kids activity of DIY Easter and those are:

  • Polymer clay in many colors
  • Sakura White Gelly Roll 0.5


How To Make

If you have a pair of great hands to form things, then you would do fantastic on making these polymer clay Easter eggs. How to make these colorful Easter eggs?

  1. Take your favorite color clay as much as you want the size of the egg to be.
  2. Make a ball first until you got a smooth surface of the clay and then form an egg shape and place it in standing position. Let it dry. To get a great result, leave it dry a half day.
  3. Decorate the polymer clay eggs with gel pen in white colors (or other colors you favor) and paint it to be Easter eggs.
  4. Some you may want to decorate it with just colorful clay as if you are decorating a cake by using fondant.


Trust me, it’s fun! So, not just your kids would have major excitement doing these Easter kids craft of polymer clay Easter Eggs, but you would also enjoy it. You can make small Easter Eggs, colorful Easter Eggs, monochrome Easter Eggs, big Easter Eggs, painted Easter Eggs or anything creative Easter Eggs you can think of by using this polymer clay. Happy trying, also bring along your children and have fun with it on coming Easter!

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8 thoughts on “DIY Easter Eggs From Polymer Clay For Kids Activity”

  1. Fun craft idea for Easter. Love the colors and how you decorated them. I forgot I have some polymer clay somewhere in my craft bin. I think I’ll give these a go this week. Thanks for the inspiration! Pinned

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s really a fun thing to do with kids or just yourself! Hope you fun and creative time with it. Thank you so much, Marie! Stay safe and healthy!


  2. How pretty, love them! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 11, open April 1 to 26. All entries shared on social media if share buttons installed. I’d like to invite you to check out my other current link parties too!


  3. This looks like a good alternative than real eggs when playing the game where you race with an egg on a spoon. Was looking for something indoor and mess-friendly. Best I could come up with was Kinder eggs but those break easily too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, these polymer eggs are durable. Great as toys as well as decorations for kids. It’s great for kid’s craft too. Thank you, Priti!


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