How To Make Fabric Easter Eggs

Easter is coming and some decorations are being prepared. But some handmade decorations would give a personal touch to your home decor. Let me share an inspiration for DIY Easter Eggs for Easter decorations. These Easter Eggs are from scrap fabrics I have. So, it’s a frugal project you may say.

The most important thing to make this Easter Eggs is to use soft fabrics and even that can see through. The pattern can be anything, I happened to have a black and white pattern that looks like the eggs had been drawn with ink. There’s no sewing involve, I just cut and glued the fabrics to some plastic eggs. Since, the eggs will be covered by the fabrics, you can re-use old eggs from last year that does not looking appealing anymore. So basiclly, you would only need some plastic eggs, fabrics and glue. I used UHU glue because it’s clear and not easily dry that quick, so it would give some time to adjust the fabrics according to the shape of the egg.


Things To Prepared

You would only need three things for making Fabric Easter Eggs. I’m sure you would have these three things somewhere in your home. By using things or scraps from your home, you don’t need to take Covid-19 risk by leaving home to buy some craft supplies. So, here are the supplies you need:

  • Plastic eggs
  • UHU Glue
  • Fabric (soft fabric would do great)


How To Make

Easy and fast steps to make these Easter Eggs from fabrics that I would share with you here. Just follow these below tutorial with the pictures above!

  1. Clean your plastic eggs, make sure it’s smooth.
  2. If you use a soft see through fabrics, try to paint the eggs in white color, so you would have white background. But you can always choose other color as your background matching to the fabrics color. Since mine is black and white pattern, so I painted the eggs in white color in thin layer.
  3. Cut the fabric in a shape of oval according to the egg’s height. Cut into 3-4 ovals.
  4. Glue it one by one to the eggs by using clear UHU glue.
  5. Secure any loose fabrics and let it dry.


My fabric Easter eggs is an easy and quick DIY Easter to make during this stay-at-home mode everywhere. Simple supplies you can find at home would be a plus to this crafty Easter project. Want to try your own Easter Fabric Eggs? Please do and have fun with it!

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See you!

Stay safe and creative!



14 thoughts on “How To Make Fabric Easter Eggs”

  1. Oh, those are so pretty!! What a fun way to decorate eggs. I’ve never thought to do that! Love them! I’d love for you to share this at the TFT link party at my blog (Thursday through Saturday.)

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  2. Oh WOW, how elegant! Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 14 for Spring Crafts and Decor, open March 29 to April 10. All entries shared on social media if share buttons installed.

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