DIY Flower Diffuser Jar For Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s day is coming and some gift ideas would become great inspirations to give your loved ones. DIY gifts always great for Valentine’s gift because it’s more personal and more effort of making it yourself. Maybe my DIY flower diffuser jar would be a wonderful Valentine’s gift. It’s easy to make and inexpensive DIY Valentine. Let me describe all supplies you need and how to make this flower diffuser jar. The twist of this flower diffuser jar is that I added a red color to the essential oil that will travel up (capillary process) to the white flower crepe paper and change the white into pink shade.

Things To Prepared

  • Used jar
  • White spray paint
  • White crepe paper
  • White yarn
  • Essential oil
  • Red food coloring
  • Heart shape sticker


How To Make

  1. Attach a heart shape sticker to the cleaned jar on two sides.
  2. Spray paint the jar with white color and leave it dry. Peel of the heart shape sticker once it dry.
  3. Make a flower out of some white crepe paper and tie the bottom with a white yarn. leave the yarn in a length of the jar’s height.
  4. Give some red food coloring to the essential oil of your choice, unless it’s already a colored essential oil.
  5. Pour the colored essential oil to the white heart jar.
  6. stick the flower crepe paper on top of the jar and let the colored essential oil seep through the yarn and up to the white flower crepe paper.
  7. If you want the gift receiver to pour the essential oil himself / herself and enjoy the diffusing process and capillary process of the color; then put the colored essential oil in a separated secured little bottle.


It’s pretty and give a therapeutic good smell in one’s house, would that be great as Valentine’s gift? You can choose your loved ones’ favorite essential oil and color to make this flower diffuser jar. So, have you thought of someone that would love your DIY flower diffuser jar as a Valentine’s gift as much as he / she loves you?

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