DIY Valentine’s Heart Wire Ornament

I just got this idea of inserting mini bells into a wire heart shape. It was hard to execute, but then I found an easier way to make the Valentine’s Heart Wire Ornament. It’s a bit difficult diy for beginners, it takes crafty fingers to form the heart from the wire.

Things To Prepared

Only three things to be prepared for this DIY Valentine’s Heart Wire Ornament, and that’s are:

  • Pink wire
  • Colorful bells
  • Silver ribbon


How To Make

Simple but cute DIY Valentine for gift or decoration, just be crafty with our fingers to be able to pull this off.

  1. Form a heart shape by using the pink wire. Then tilt around the heart all the way up from bottom heart. Make two sets of it.
  2. Bent both heart wire in a way to make room for the bells.
  3. Put together the two hearts face to face by tied it up with the pink wire. the heart wire become a three dimensional heart.
  4. Fill in the heart with bells before you closing it up.
  5. Tied the top heart with silver ribbon and the heart wire ornament is ready!


It’s an easy diy Valentine for those who have crafty hands. This wire heart ornament is great for handmade Valentine’s gift or Valentine’s decorations. You can hang it on your window, your door or in your car. It’s


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See you!

Wire up your creativity!



15 thoughts on “DIY Valentine’s Heart Wire Ornament”

  1. I think a set of needle-nose pliers would be helpful with this project. It’s very pretty!
    ~cie the ornery old lady~

    (Apologies if this is a duplicate comment. WordPress isn’t playing nice.)


  2. How pretty is that? Love it. Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 9, open February 1 to 26.

    My themed party 10 for All Things Love and Valentine’s Day is open January 30 to February 10 if you’d like to link up there too.


  3. Visiting again to say thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 10 for All Things Love and Valentine’s Day, open January 30 to February 10.


  4. Congrats! Your post is FEATURED at #AThemedLinkup 11 for Handcrafted Jewelry from my previous linkup for All Things Love and Valentine’s Day! Party open February 15 to 25.

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