How To Make Easy New Year’s Party Hat

New Year celebration is counting, four more days to New Year’s eve! How exciting! I’ve made magic wand as a New Year Wishing Wand for my kid to have fun with on New Year party. Now I need some New Year’s Party Hat! I made a sparkling and festive New Year’s hat which is so easy and super low budget. I used only sparkling pipe cleaner and confetti I’ve made myself from sparkling gold and red papers. You do not need expensive gem ornaments or gem stickers that would cost you more than diy confetti from sparkling papers.


Things to Prepared

Basically you only need three materials to make this New Year’s Party Hat. These are my list to make my New Year’s hat :

  • Duplex card paper
  • Red and gold sparkling papers
  • Red and gold pipe cleaner
  • UHU Glue


How To Make

  1. Make a full circle (around 16 inches diameter) to make two hats from duplex card paper. I used a big pot cover to make the circle, easier and fast. Cut it into two but before that, cut 2.5 inches to the left and right so it’s not exactly half circle.
  2. Glue the pipe cleaner on top and fold a little glue area of one side to be attached to another side.
  3. Glue the two sides together by using UHU glue and leave it dry. don’t forget to press the glued area tight to secure it.
  4. Form the pipe cleaner in your desired shapes. I got heart shape for the red one and gold pipe cleaner as a star.
  5. Make sparkling red and gold confetti from sparkling papers by using a paper puncher.
  6. Apply some glue in small area of the hat where you can attach the red confetti to red heart shape hat and gold confetti to the gold star shape hat. Attach it area per area and try to start from bottom with dense confetti and scattered to top. Finished! If you want to wear securely on your head, attach some elastic rope or band to your sparkling new year’s party hat!


Invite your kids to form the pipe cleaner and glue those confetti to the new year’s party hat to finish it quicker and have fun together. Be experimental with the pattern of the confetti on your party hat. It’s super easy new year’s party hat anyone can make. It’s easy to make, sparkling and festive for the New Year’s Eve Party! I’m sure kids and adults would love your sparkling New Year’s Party Hat. Looking glamour with easy to make New Year’s Party Hat, want to try?


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See you!

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14 thoughts on “How To Make Easy New Year’s Party Hat”

  1. The grandkids had so much fun making the hats and the wands on New Years Eve!!! They made signs and I made them the toilet paper shakers with surprises inside. We toasted with 7 up and had so much fun! Thank you!

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