How To Make Wishing Wand For New Year

It’s only a week until New Year’s Eve! How exciting it is! Kids and grown ups celebrating the new year of 2020. Good wishes is going to be a great hope on the night of the New Year. I too prepared a wishing wand for my kid to celebrate this new year. And I’m sharing with you on how to make the wishing wand for you to have fun on New Year’s Eve.

It’s an easy DIY, but the more complicated the wishing wand design you make, the more it takes time to do. I tried to make as simple but festive as I could. I choose gold and red color as the main color and a touch of blue. Those are the colors that look very attractive and festive for New Year.


Things to Prepared

I used as cheap things as I could and try to make use of things that I already have on my stash. So I hope you can go creative with the materials that I used and try to substitute it with things that you do not need to buy. These are my list to make my New Year wishing wand :

  • Duplex card paper
  • Red and gold sparkling paper
  • Blue glitter dust
  • Silver ribbon
  • Balloon stick
  • Glass plastic
  • UHU Glue


How To Make

Bring along your kids to make this wishing wand and maybe make more than one wishing wand to have fun with on New Year’s Eve. But, please let me share first on how I made the wishing wand.

  1. Cut two star shapes out of the duplex card paper.
  2. Cover one side of each star with red and gold sparkling paper and leave the white side alone.
  3. Cut the gold star on the inner to form a frame of star.
  4. Glue star shape glass plastic to the back of gold frame star.
  5. Fold the red and gold sparkling left over papers, glue it and use it to make the confetti by using a paper puncher.
  6. Use the gold card from cutting the gold star frame remain to make three little stars.
  7. Glue the three little stars each to a silver ribbon.
  8. Cover the balloon stick with silver ribbon by whirling it around the stick and secure it with UHU.
  9. Apply glue along the frame of the star and put the balloon stick together with the three ribbon with little stars on the bottom, altogether and press it hard until it secure. But remember to leave the top of the star open to fill in the confetti and glitter dust. And don’t fill it too full, leave some space for shaking purpose.
  10. Secure the top of the star and let it dry. Your wishing wand is ready for New Year celebration. Shake shake your wand and make a wish!

Well, hope you enjoy making the wishing wand with your kids, nieces, nephews and grand kids and be ready for 2020 New year celebration!


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See you!

Be Creative in Wishes!



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