DIY Christmas Mini Wreath From Recycled Wire

Thanksgiving is in days now and Christmas is in another month, busy days. It’s great to have lots of Christmas ideas and inspirations to see. You still have time to do Christmas DIYs to save money for your Christmas decorations. A recycled Christmas DIYs would be a wonderful idea to cut Christmas budget. Here I share with you my DIY Christmas mini wreath that I made from recycled wire.

A couple of weeks ago, I found this roll of wire that my husband want to throw away, but I saw a potential for a mini wreath, so decided to keep it. Until now I have an idea making a Christmas wreath out of it by using my old twinkle Christmas ornaments from hot glue. So, let’s start with things to prepared.


Things To Prepared

I used recycled wire and some Christmas ornaments from last year. So I didn’t prepare much for this Christmas project. This is the short list of things I prepared for the Christmas mini wreath:

  • Recycled roll of wire
  • Twinkle Christmas ornaments (Learn how to make it, click here)
  • Silver glittered ribbon
  • Gold glittered ribbon
  • UHU glue


How To Make

It’s a quick DIY Christmas, as long as you have made the twinkle Christmas ornaments or if you have your own Christmas ornaments. Well, let’s me describe my steps to make this DIY Christmas mini wreath.

  1. Have a rolled wire (around 8-9 inches) and secure it with tape.
  2. Hide the tape by using a silver glittery ribbon and leave some= for hanger.
  3. Glue a NOEL twinkle ornament to the bottom are of the rolled wire.
  4. Hang a Christmas tree twinkle ornament by using the silver ribbon and finished it with the gold ribbon. secure it with UHU glue.Finished!


Super simple Christmas mini wreath with glimmery of gold is going to bring some joy to your Christmas decor. Great DIY Christmas to make with your family. It’s a recycled wire project, so it’s not going to cost you much money to make it. Well, happy recycling!

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See you!

Happy creative day!



19 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Mini Wreath From Recycled Wire”

    1. Thank you so much, Jo! It’s not bad for a recycled wire 🙂 Yes, it’s an easy piece of ornament made from hot glue and glitters I’ve made a year ago. Happy weekend to you too, Jo!

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