Coffee At Home, For Creativity And In Life

COFFEE, some drink it to energize their mornings, some consume it to get the pleasure of it, some does creative things with coffee, some even sees coffee as a life philosophy. Coffee is at your home, for your creativity and in your life.

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Coffee At Home

How to make your home naturally free from bad odor and smell good? One of the easiest thing to do is using a can full of roasted coffee bean. The aroma from the roasted coffee bean will neutralized most of any bad smell. Grounded coffee would also does the trick. You can put it in the living room, kitchen or even bathroom where sometimes it’s where the bad smell is coming from. Both coffee bean and grounded coffee can be used to neutralize odors. Coffee bean work wonderfully in emitting a strong odor and can over power by neutralizing or absorbing other strong odors which also do wonders in cleaning your smelling palate from your nose. This would also apply to ease a bad smell from your smelling palate. Now that is one of the purpose of having coffee at home!

Having coffee beans as natural way to get rid of bad smell in your home would be better if it’s presented in a pretty way. Use the coffee beans as decoration element to your home. Check out post to know how I use coffee in creative way and at the same time get rid of the bad odour.


How To Make Your Home Naturally Smell Good With A Can Of Coffee Beans

Coffee For Creativity

Coffee can be a great source of inspirations. Inspirations lead you to creativity. I made a coffee inspired coaster from ice cream sticks.  not a usual treat of ice cream sticks. Click on below link and you would know how I make this diy painted coaster from ice cream sticks.


How To Make DIY Painted Coaster From Ice Cream Sticks

Coffee In Life

Take a break and have a sip of your coffee, that’s a great start for your busy day. Sometimes we work so hard trying to fulfill our targets until we forget to take care of ourselves, smiling, or simply enjoy a beautiful view. So, whatever you are doing right now, take a break and enjoy something you really love to do, and enjoy it with a cup of coffee. Relax and enjoy it until your cup is empty. Take a break, because even wave has a break.

For me, painting or drawing is also a break from hectic routine, therefore, I have painted a cup of coffee for a break and a background view of some waves breaking by the beach. I painted it in watercolor with a quote “Take a break, even wave has a break”.


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See you!

Coffee inspired creativity!




6 thoughts on “Coffee At Home, For Creativity And In Life”

  1. I drink coffee to get the pleasure of it, is definitely not waking me up 🙂
    Actually I can drink it and go back to sleep 🙂
    I did hear that eliminate the bad odors but I never tried it yet 🙂 but never say never 🙂
    Thank you dear Mel! Great tips as always and lots of inspiration 🙂
    Wish you a wonderful weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀 good for you, ’cause it’s torturing to be an insomniac 🙂 Yes, coffee can eliminate bad odors, you can feel the effect right away if you put it on your toilet. Thanks to you to Ribana! Blast weekend to you too! xo

      Liked by 1 person

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