Floor Plan & Outdoor Shower Of The Beach Home Design In Watercolor

Last week I’ve shared my beach home design which divided into two posts; first was the beach house exterior and the second post was the bedroom view of the beach home. Now on this post I’ve managed finished the floor plan, section and outdoor shower of the beach home in watercolor paint.


Let me refresh you with the beach house dimension. This is a tiny beach home with the size of 2.5 m x 5 m (around 8.2 ft x 16.4 ft) which included front and rear patio. An attic serves as a bedroom and on the first floor, the beach house is loaded with a pantry, a toilet, a sitting room, little front patio and an outdoor shower which in the same area with the entrance staircase (rear patio).

I had the beach home outdoor shower and floor plan painted in watercolor. I used some drawing pens as the outline while brush pen and watercolor to paint the whole drawings.


Now, after you go through my third post of the beach house design, I hope you get the whole picture of my beach home design which I presented in watercolor. The floor plan, the outdoor shower, the bedroom view and the exterior perspective should give you enough look of the best feature rooms of the beach house. Enjoy the beach!

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38 thoughts on “Floor Plan & Outdoor Shower Of The Beach Home Design In Watercolor”

  1. You’ve given me a great idea to draw my small float cabin home. It would be a great addition to my cabin journal and maybe I’ll use my art paper journal so I can make the images bigger. Thanks so much. I missed last week so I’m glad you shared those images again. I remember a holiday in the Bahamas. Our small cottage had an outdoor shower and it felt so decadent to bathe out there with beautiful rocks, plants and wide open to the blue sky above. – Margy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Margy! So happy that my humble design can inspires you! There are 3 parts of the posts to my beach home design. Happy weekend!


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